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The Serve Asia Podcast


Conversations about the good news of Jesus, the people and places of East Asia and how you might fit in.

Here you will find stories of how the gospel is taking root in people groups of East Asia, interviews with those who have crossed cultures to share the good news, discussions that will empower those who desire to evangelise where they are right now.

You can find the Serve Asia podcast anywhere you normally go to listen to podcasts.

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Ep. 36 | Should Christians care about Creation Care? with Sandra Richter

Sandra Richter explains why she is passionate about creation care and believes that all who take the Bible seriously as their rule of faith and praxis should be too. Our conversation with Sandra is largely based on her book Stewards of Eden. Sandra shares her own experience of speaking and teaching on this subject and why she started getting interested in it in the first place.

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Ep. 34 | Unexpected: Sam Bennett – From tea to tuk tuk: how we got to Thailand and back again

In the Unexpected Series, we are chatting to people whose plans for serving Jesus didn’t quite turn out as they expected. In episode three, we chat to Sam about his time in Thailand with his wife and two young children. Sam works with an assistance dog charity and speaks British Sign Language (BSL). It turns out these skills and experience made him the perfect fit to support their friends in what they were preparing to do in Thailand. The Bennett’s story is full of twists, turns, and the unexpected from beginning to end.

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Ep. 32 | Unexpected: Sarah Charles – His timing is not the same as mine

Ten years ago, if you’d asked Sarah what she thought she’d be doing today she would have told you she hoped to be in East Asia, living in a city of millions with a desire to make Jesus known to people who do not know him. Instead, today she lives in the North of England and her life and ministry look completely different. It was great to chat to her about how this unfolded, all she learned along the way, and how she has found new ways to be involved in making Jesus known across the street and across the world.

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Ep. 30 | Paul’s Khmer Language Mishap – Architect of his own embarrassment

Sometimes it is best to just admit when you don’t know. Paul found this out the hard way when trying to build work relationships in Cambodia. When building friendships and sharing the gospel with people from another country one of the biggest hurdles can be language. How do you make yourself understood?
Even with hours of practice, it can sometimes feel impossible. In this third language mishaps episode hear from Paul about his embarrassing conversation with one of the deans of the university he was working in.

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