Meet a Mobilizer

Becca Zimmerman, originally from Utah, now lives and mobilizes for OMF in Chicago.   In this interview she helps us understand more about mobilization and the mobilization work she does at Moody Bible Institute.

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Interview with Becca Zimmerman

 What is Mobilization?

Invitation. Whether I’m working with a church, student or individual, I’m inviting people to a place where  God is already at work. This helps us to see scripture in a new light. When we start looking for God’s heart for the nations through scripture, we see it immediately, and we also see throughout that he wants his glory proclaimed among the nations.

In mobilization, we are inviting people, as Christ’s disciples, to proclaim God’s glory in a variety of ways. A big part of my job is to break down the stereotypes that people involved in missions just go, request money, and maybe pray. There are so many other ways to be involved. Mobilization is an invitation to participate  in what God is doing by using your God-given gifts.

Is there anything you wish people knew about Mobilization?

Mobilization is much more about the kingdom than our organization. It’s becoming more common now to have collaboration with other mission organizations and to really celebrate when people get involved–even if it’s not with OMF.

I’ve had such a privilege to work with a lot of other mobilizers from other organizations and share resources and connect with them. For example, if I meet with a student who’s interested in serving in Africa, that’s great! I have a friend in Africa Inland Mission that I can refer that student to.

So the connection is there. Mobilization is more of an invitation to involvement rather than a recruitment to add another number to a given organization.

You’re providing input to the Intro to Christian Missions Course at Moody. What do you hope students will learn through that course?

I’m excited and honored to be asked to help work on this. What I’m excited about is bridging history and facts with showing them how sharing Christ’s love is God’s heart. The class will create a platform to share stories. Then, after hearing how God has worked in others’ lives, they can be more informed about how God may be leading them to be involved in missions.

Finally, students will consider  the biblical and historical basis for missions. They will examine  contemporary and cultural dimensions of missions, which, in turn, will pave the way for students to know how this information affects them. We want to show them they have individual gifts that can bless God’s Kingdom globally.

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Ette Ettebong
1 year ago

Good day Becca! This short explanation on mission mobilization is so simple and straightforward. It’s mobilization made simple! I’m excited that you are passionate about mobilizing college students. This is where our hearts connect..I’m a mission mobilizer serving in university campus in Nigeria. I would very much appreciate any help I could.get to be a better mission mobilizer where I work. Can you help? God bless


OMF International (U.S.)
Reply to  Ette Ettebong
1 year ago

Hi Ette! Unfortunately, Becca is no longer with OMF. You might want to check this site to see if there’s a partner organization that can help: