Stories of God’s faithfulness.

Each day in locations through East Asia … Japan, China, Mongolia, Cambodia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Myanmar and more … workers share the hope of Jesus with those who God has brought into their lives. Children, the elderly, sportsman, students, businessmen, grandmothers, migrant workers, and social outcasts are all given an opportunity to meet the one who can save. Their stories are stories of God’s faithfulness.

Who Are the Mongols?

The Mongols are a range of tribal groups that share a common heritage, culture and language. Genghis Khan united nomadic tribes and formed the Mongol Empire that eventually stretched from Eastern [...]

Nomadic Church

Ganbaatar listened intently to the visitors’ words. Moments before, he had prayed to receive Christ. Now, two Mongolian seminary students were explaining the futility – and evil – of his [...]

Vulnerable Children

It would be better for him to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around his neck than for him to cause one of these little ones to sin. –Luke 17:2 When Nary’s mother died, she was left [...]

On the Run

The Hui people, numbering 10-14 million in China, are one of the 10 ethnic groups living along China’s Silk Road. Below, the employer of a young Hui woman observes the tension faced by some Hui [...]

Braving the Elements

As Mr. Nohara sat through a friend’s funeral, the young, Japanese law school student was captured by the messages of hope given by Christians at the service. Compelled and wanting to learn more, [...]

A Changed Life

By Steve Weemes, former OMF missionary to Japan For some people in Japan, their room is their world. Shion is a young Christian who yearned to get into one of the top colleges in Japan. [...]

Emiko’s Desperate Call

By some standards, the Japanese people (pop. 127 million) form the world’s largest unreached people group. Less than 1 percent of Japanese are Christians. Family opposition is a major factor, but [...]

Japan’s Aging Pastors

A gray-haired man slowly gets up and walks to the pulpit, as he has done for several decades. He looks out on a congregation of 40 people, mostly women, and begins preaching the gospel of Jesus [...]