Stories of God’s faithfulness.

Each day in locations through East Asia … Japan, China, Mongolia, Cambodia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Myanmar and more … workers share the hope of Jesus with those who God has brought into their lives. Children, the elderly, sportsman, students, businessmen, grandmothers, migrant workers, and social outcasts are all given an opportunity to meet the one who can save. Their stories are stories of God’s faithfulness.

The Storyteller

Chronological Bible Storying: Communicating the stories of the Bible by telling them aloud to listeners. Traditional oral communities often resolve conflicts and transfer knowledge by [...]

VIDEO: Thang

After a dropping out of school, Thắng and his brother left Vietnam to find a new life elsewhere. In the depths of his personal struggles, the message of the gospel reached him and changed his [...]

One Less Idol Shelf

Billions of East Asians don’t know Jesus. And millions have little to no access to the gospel, a Christian church or even a single believer. The Task Unfinished initiative aims to change this. [...]

We Are the Shan!

Nuu held up a large picture of the Buddha in front of Seng Wan, and said firmly, ‘We are Shan, this is what we believe!’ Her friend had just returned from a Christian conference and was showing [...]

Who Are the Mongols?

The Mongols are a range of tribal groups that share a common heritage, culture and language. Genghis Khan united nomadic tribes and formed the Mongol Empire that eventually stretched from Eastern [...]