Stories of God’s faithfulness.

Each day in locations through East Asia … Japan, China, Mongolia, Cambodia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Myanmar and more … workers share the hope of Jesus with those who God has brought into their lives. Children, the elderly, sportsman, students, businessmen, grandmothers, migrant workers, and social outcasts are all given an opportunity to meet the one who can save. Their stories are stories of God’s faithfulness.

“I Did It for You”

The Gideons gave young Jau-Chi a copy of the New Testament at his junior high school. As a student in southern Taiwan, he grew up in a family which followed the traditional Taiwanese beliefs. [...]

An All-Consuming Passion

An enormous sheep bone, swimming in an ocean of noodles, appears on the table in front of me. It jostles for space with overflowing dishes of dried fruit and nuts and a tower of steaming naan bread.

A Rakhine Fisher of Men

A Rakhine fisherman, Mr. T.S. became a believer after two Christians prayed for his healing from alcohol-induced liver disease about seven years ago. He became completely well within a week but [...]

“This Is a New Man”

Sonny knew Christianity was a scam and the Bible pure garbage. First his brother “got saved” and then Sonny’s wife “got born again.” It was almost more than he could stand. It was bad enough [...]

Nine Blessings for Thailand

The name “Thailand” means “land of the free,” but the Thai are not free. They are in bondage to the spirits and to the hopelessness of Buddhism. For Thai people, the number nine is seen as lucky. [...]

The Storyteller

Chronological Bible Storying: Communicating the stories of the Bible by telling them aloud to listeners. Traditional oral communities often resolve conflicts and transfer knowledge by [...]