Stories of God’s faithfulness.

Each day in locations through East Asia … Japan, China, Mongolia, Cambodia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Myanmar and more … workers share the hope of Jesus with those who God has brought into their lives. Children, the elderly, sportsman, students, businessmen, grandmothers, migrant workers, and social outcasts are all given an opportunity to meet the one who can save. Their stories are stories of God’s faithfulness.

Hope of the Village

Eric came to faith in Christ while studying abroad in the U.S. After his studies, he returned to China, which is where my wife and I met him. We had the privilege of visiting Eric’s hometown for [...]

The Urban Billion

When was the last time you encountered a large crowd? By "large crowd" I mean a mass of humanity—think of the subway during rush hour, or when everyone heads for the exits after a sporting event.

Sudden Reversals

Sutthon sat on a wooden platform outside a one room wooden hut sorting tiny flowers which would be made into garlands offered to appease spirits. “It takes an hour to pick them and another hour [...]