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God is still surprising me in Japan

Rachel’s noticed God even uses everyday things like kittens to reach people in Japan.

Textuality and Orality in the Bible

Synopsis: The three sections in the article look at (1) the diverse kinds of orality contained in the Bible’s literary forms (2) the broader question of why the spoken nature of God’s address has come down to us in written form, and (3) the role that literacy has played in ancient and modern cultures. Jerry [...]

Journeying Together

A Review of The Pilgrim’s Progress By James Steer We are all familiar with journeys. Many journey to work each day, others to do the weekly shopping, others will journey for a day or more on their way from one country to another. In most of these journeys we are aware that we are travelling, [...]

The Glass Footpath of Faith

By J. E. Synopsis: A personal reflection that draws on lessons from the Bible on how Christians can be strengthened in their Christian journey that is like walking on a suspended glass footpath which is scary for those who walk by sight. A little while ago, the university which I attend arranged an excursion to [...]