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How God taught me about Japan through hula dancing

Learning and teaching are ways missionaries can meet people in Japan. This missionary joined a hula dancing group and learned a lot about Japanese culture.

Coding for Christ – an IT specialist wrestles with his motivation

Who am I really coding for? It’s a question I ask myself often, and one that I struggle with. The ‘correct’ answer, of course, is that everything I do (coding included) is for God’s glory. However, like most people, I like it when others notice and appreciate my work. I know that it’s easy for […]

Watching scooter accidents in slow motion

My mum believed in the virtues of gathering around a table during meal times with no distractions. That meant no books, no rubik's cubes, no electronic games, and especially NO television.   TV and dining in Taiwan Upon coming to Taiwan, I soon discovered that televisions are very much a part of the dine-in experience. [...]

Missionary kids struggle too

We often hear that kids adapt quickly to a new culture and language, but it is not necessarily easy, for them or their parents.