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The 5 Ps to remember when preparing for short-term mission

I need the Lord more than ever. Without him, I am nothing.

Rugby World Cup in Japan: God-given opportunity

When Richard, a new missionary, tried to join a rugby club in Japan, he quickly discovered that most activities happen on Sundays when he was expected to be a church. That is not an uncommon problem for Christians wanting to be involved in organised sport in Japan.

Reaching Japanese people through Bible camps

It was over 35 years since Yoshi had come to faith at a Bible camp in northern Japan. He wondered, “Was it still operating?” He and his wife decided to go and find out.

How can we prepare new Christians to return home? Pass the baton on!

Since January 2018, I have been reaching out to Japanese people in Birmingham and, for those going back to Japan as new Christians, helping prepare them for that transition. I started the Japanese student ministry at the University of Birmingham last September. I met around 20 Japanese students at the curry night I organised for [...]