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How would they react?

Synopsis: The article supplies a model for delivering a first-person, narrative talk based upon a biblical text. Assuming the persona of a witness to the healing of the lame beggar by Peter and John, Brian Powell considers all of the people present and asks, “How would they react?” Brian Powell worked with the Manobo people [...]

My strange encounter with spiritual darkness in Japan

The opposition to God’s word was obvious when this missionary told a short Bible story in a Japanese friend’s home.

Sharing the Gospel as a Blessing in Taiwan: A Response to “Presenting the Good News as a Blessing”

Synopsis: Nathan Keller describes ways in which Andy Smith’s approach in "Presenting the Good News as a Blessing" can be applied to his own ministry situation in Taiwan where people also desire to be blessed. But whether people seek blessing or something else, gospel messengers need to understand their cultural context, identify things that are [...]

Presenting the Good News as a Blessing: A Case Study among Filipino Folk Catholics

Synopsis: This paper examines the way the gospel answers the ardent longings Filipino folk Catholics have for blessing. By examining the way his preunderstandings interfaced with the ideas of those with whom he worked, Andy Smith helps us see the importance of cultural exegesis of oneself and one’s target culture so that the gospel can [...]