Love in action 5x5x5 prayer guide

We invite you to pray for ministries that show God’s love in action —for just five minutes a day, for five days, for FIVE STRATEGIC AREAS. Your prayers will open doors for the gospel, transform situations and bring great glory to God.

Jesus addressed both physical and spiritual needs during his years of ministry. He pursued restoration by sharing the message of the kingdom but also tending to people’s daily struggles. His example of love in action challenges us, his disciples, to follow suit.

In East Asia, the needs of each community differ. To serve as Jesus did means we listen and respond to the challenges they face. Where Christians have the opportunity to help by sharing their skills and expertise, Jesus’ love is demonstrated, even if restrictions are placed on explicit sharing of the gospel message.

In this guide, you’ll learn about five professional avenues through which God’s love is being made manifest. Pray with us that God continues to use these platforms in powerful ways to bring the hope of Christ to East Asia’s unreached peoples.

Day One – Creation Care

Severe storms, floods, droughts and the widespread degradation of oceans, rivers, soils and forests affect the livelihoods and wellbeing of people across East Asia. And according to a 2017 UN report, East Asia makes up one of the most natural disaster-prone regions of the world but its affected populations are least equipped to withstand and recover from the damage. Extending the love of Jesus to our East Asian neighbors means caring for the land and ecology on which they depend.

Lord, we pray for East Asians who face growing environmental challenges. We pray that Christian workers can respond appropriately to those challenges in Jesus’ name.
Lord, we pray for your leading to constructively engage with government agencies, universities and other public bodies who are developing responses to environmental issues.
Lord, we lift up those who have a heart for creation care. Lead and guide them as they explore short- and long-term opportunities to get involved.
Lord, we pray for Christian-run businesses that respond to environmental challenges through consultancy, organic food production and eco-tourism. We ask that you help these businesses become environmentally sustainable.

Day Two – Healthcare Missions

Providing compassionate health care demonstrates the love of God in tangible ways and breaks down opposition and resistance to the gospel. Whether it’s in the rural villages or urban cities of East Asia, the vast healthcare needs represent opportunities and open doors for building relationships and offering healing in Christ.

Lord, may those seeking medical care find hope, healing and ultimate peace in Christ.
Lord, we pray that compassion and grace would mark the care of Christian healthcare professionals.
Lord, in sensitive environments where the gospel cannot be shared, give healthcare workers the opportunity to reflect Christ in their actions.
Lord, open doors for new ventures and partnerships in unreached areas that give Christian medical professionals an opportunity to share your love.
Lord, stir the hearts of prospective workers so that available healthcare roles and new opportunities are filled as quickly as possible.

Day Three – Missional Business

In parts of East Asia where “typical” missionary roles like church planting or evangelism aren’t welcome, missional businesses are meeting people at the intersection of spiritual and economic need. Coffee shops, restaurants and tech companies are just a few avenues Christians are using to build relationships and share the gospel in difficult-to-reach areas of East Asia.

Lord, we pray for guidance for those looking to set up missional businesses. Direct them to the right location, product and business model and provide a way forward as they navigate the legal details.
Lord, we pray for missional businesses to become financially viable so they can contribute to the local economy and sustain ongoing ministry in their communities.
Lord, bless the relationships on all ends of the missional business model. May they minister well to their suppliers, employees and customers. Along with that, provide partnerships with like-minded entities who share their vision and act with integrity.
Lord, open doors for the sharing of the gospel. May missional businesses be a light in their communities.

Day Four – Community Ministries

For disadvantaged and underserved populations of East Asia, being in a position of need can make them vulnerable to abuse by those in positions of greater power or influence. In these situations, Christian workers leverage what resources they have to defend the cause of the oppressed and share the love of God with those who feel discarded and ignored.

Lord, we lift up those who are being exploited through sex trafficking, debt bondage, forced marriage and other forms of mandatory labor. May Christians come to their aid and extend the compassion of Christ.
Lord, many throughout East Asia are treated unfairly on the basis of race, disability or socioeconomic status. Raise up government officials who use their status and influence to serve their disadvantaged constituents. May laws be enacted to protect the vulnerable.
Lord, you are the Prince of Peace. Bring stability where there is governmental conflict that hurts underprivileged populations.
Lord, provide for ministries that need more staff and funding so they can extend the love of Christ to their communities.

Day Five – Education

The pursuit of economic prosperity often spurs a nation’s desire for an improved educational system. As a result, opportunities exist across East Asia for Christian workers to bring their expertise into the classroom as teachers and university professors. For students who have never before met a Christian, their relationship with their instructors can be a catalyst for spiritual exploration.

Lord, match Christian educators with positions in schools and universities where the gospel cannot be shared openly. Give them special opportunities to share Christ’s love with East Asian students.
Lord, we pray for friendships to form between teachers and their students that lead to spiritual conversations.
Lord, may Christian teachers have a hand in shaping the next generation of leaders, that we would see more local believers rise to positions of influence for the good of their communities and the glory of God.

Next Steps

Is God inviting you to share his love with the people of East Asia? Find out how you can extend the love of Christ in tangible ways.

LEARN. Want to see examples of love in action? Read workers’ stories and see what it takes to serve through one of the above professional ministries.

PARTNER. OMF has some amazing long-term workers who are looking for more people to join their partnership teams in prayer and support. If you’re interested in connecting with an individual or family serving in East Asia, contact your local OMF center.

GO. Are you considering going overseas long-term? Would you like to learn more about opportunities in East Asia? We would love to talk with you. Contact your local center to start the conversation or visit

Continue your prayer journey and pray for the Taiwan’s working class people.

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