How we raised support for missions without asking for money

When God called our family into mission we were in debt, in a cycle we couldn’t get out of. A godly retired missionary inspired us with her stories of God’s provision as she trusted him to provide over decades, without asking anyone for money. She taught us the principles of a life of faith, making our needs known to God in prayer and trusting him to move peoples’ hearts to give. She also taught us that in our giving, we should not ‘tip’ the Lord, with what we had leftover but that we should give him the ‘first portion’.

Committing it to the Lord

We committed our finances to the Lord and asked him to teach us to live by faith. Within three months we were out of debt. We began to sense God’s call into mission and we applied to Bible college. We wrote to all our Christian friends to tell them of God’s call and our application to Bible college and asked if they would be willing to pray for us and receive our prayer letters.

When we started Bible college we had one term’s fees in the bank. We trusted that God would provide for our living costs and further fees. Our faith and trust in God’s provision grew as we saw him provide month by month; one time by an anonymous building society cheque. It came at a time when our fees were overdue and we had no money to buy food. The cheque covered all our costs plus £400 extra. The following week we had a tax bill for almost £400.

God’s Faithfulness

In Asia we continued to see God’s provision year by year, although a good proportion came through the general fund that supplies OMF workers who do not receive enough personal financial support to meet their needs. So, when policy changed and required a personal support level of 80 per cent of our yearly budget, we cried out to the Lord to increase our personal support.

Three weeks later, my husband was meeting with the director of a foundation that supported a project we were running. Our friend offered to cover the costs for another year. My husband thanked him for their generosity, but refused the gift, as the costs had already been covered by a church. ‘No-one has ever refused the offer of a gift before’, he said. ‘Do you have any needs for your family support?’ My husband explained our situation and he pledged support to us from the foundation, which raised our personal support level above the required 80 per cent.

Engaging Supporters

Keeping prayer partners and churches at home interested in our work over the years is a challenge for all missionaries. It is inevitable that some supporters will lose interest over time. However, regular prayer letters with up-to-date news and prayer requests, introducing individual peoples’ stories, and sharing how prayers have been answered is key to maintaining interest. Our prayer partners have got to know a number of the people we work with, praying through the ups and downs of their lives. They have anguished with us over the ones who’ve fallen away and rejoiced with us over new believers and the ones who’ve come back after falling away.

On home assignment we visit churches, prayer groups and prayer partners to share about the work and the people they have prayed for and to cast a vision for the future. Enthusiasm is contagious. If we are enthusiastic and our hearts are committed to God’s call then when we share our call and speak about the work, the listeners hearts will be stirred to be involved too.

When we visit a church or prayer group we are bold in asking for prayer and for anyone interested in a short-term trip or a call to mission. We are happy to challenge people to listen to what God may be saying to them about mission, but we don’t ask for money. If anyone asks us directly about finances, we are happy to respond honestly and share our needs, but ultimately, God is our provider and he has never let us down.

OMF worker in East Asia

Will you pray for those on the journey to long-term mission?

  • Give thanks for God’s faithfulness to this missionary family in providing for their needs.
  • Pray for those who feel you may be calling them to long-term missions, but feel they wouldn’t be able to raise enough prayer and financial support. Pray for them to be able to trust God to provide for their needs as they go in obedience to him.
  • Pray for those raising prayer and financial support, that God will provide for them.

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