Here comes Jesus!

“Here comes Jesus”, exclaimed Granny when she saw us walking towards her dwelling in Northeast Thailand. She couldn’t see our smiles behind the masks. All she knew was that a group connected with the local church was coming to help her. It was the first day that our Nampu – Fountain – team working with families in crisis situations had the opportunity to visit this granny and her 3 months old grandson, David. A local church leader had told us about them and took us to visit them.  

The parents of little David had left him with Granny shortly after he was born. Both his parents are laborers and live wherever they can get work. It seems they have very little income and no money left to send home. Granny had to give up selling noodle soup when she had to look after the baby. She couldn’t pay the rent anymore and had to move out of her house. However, there was no running water, no electricity, no sanitary facility, and no safety.

We took along basket full of clothing, formula milk and other necessities for the baby.  After chatting for some time, finding out about the situation and assessing the need for our help we referred to the exclamation granny made when she saw us coming. We shared that we were followers of Jesus, who he is and what it means to ask him for help in our daily lives. 

Since our first visit in January, neighbours have brought her food and water and the village head has arranged for her to get running water. Once the dwelling is registered, they will also help by installing electricity. Currently inflation is making life difficult for the local community so they have less to share with David and Granny.  

We continue to encourage and work with the local church to help Granny and David.  In particular we’re grateful for the funds to continue providing formula and other necessities for the baby through the church. Granny’s exclamation on our first visit encourages us as the hands and feet of Jesus in the world. Pray for more Thai churches to take opportunities to reach out into their neighbourhoods with the love of Jesus.

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Christina Sutter
OMF Thailand / OMF Switzerland

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