Don’t just go: Learn, pray, send, mobilize and welcome!

Some people may think that the best or only way to be involved in missions is a costly relocation to an unfamiliar, far-away country. But missions engagement is not limited to going yourself, sending others through financial support, or praying for missionaries. There’s also learning, mobilizing (helping others get involved in missions), and welcoming.

It all starts with learning, doesn’t it? I learned about God’s global kingdom from books. Then God really got my attention through my church’s mission Sundays. They would share about what is happening around the world through the missionaries’ stories.

After hearing those stories, I couldn’t help but pray. Beyond what I hear in church, I pray while reading news from different nations. I also subscribe to updates from missionaries or missions organizations. Missions-related trainings, conferences, and prayer groups have fueled my praying as well.

Sending or supporting the work where Christ is unknown may mean giving up a cup of coffee or a meal out each week to free up your finances. If you plan to meet up with a missionary at a conference, bring some chocolate or other small gift to show your care for them.

Sending missionaries requires a lot of behind-the-scenes work, which you can help with. Volunteering in a missions organization is fun because you meet different people who are involved in missions in various ways. To get my feet wet, I initially volunteered on a project basis and on purchasing and preparing materials.

If you like challenges or have a particular skill that you could share, there are many ways to serve. One friend has a gift of hospitality. She and her family host missionaries and bring them to the best restaurants and coffee shops in town! Another friend helps edit prayer letters, especially from countries where Christians may not be able to gather or share the gospel freely.

You can also engage in God’s mission by welcoming internationals in your area, whether they are visiting for a short time or spending a couple of years there. You might be their only opportunity to interact with a Christian.

Finally, share what you have been learning or doing regarding missions with your friends. Imagine what you can do together!

How will you be involved in God’s global kingdom?
By an OMF Missionary

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