A woman clears the trench in her field in Aomori Prefecture.
Pedestrians and cyclists cross the road at a crossing in Sapporo.
A young woman (Zhuang ethnic group) rests her feet watching a large digital TV screen in the square of a pedestrian market in the city of  Luizhou, Guangxi Province, China.
These joyful Akha children neither walk nor run.  They skip along, laughing and enjoying the freedom of childhood.

The mission of OMF ZA:

To equip and empower the church in Southern Africa to share the good news of Jesus Christ in all its fullness with East Asia’s peoples.

OMF Southern Africa

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Our History

We recently celebrated the 150th anniversary of OMF International (Originally called the “China Inland Mission”). Watch this short animation to see how God has shown his faithfulness to us through all the years.