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You saved a man today!

In early March, we visited the local old peoples home as we have done regularly for more than ten years. This time, the Lord granted us the opportunity to see his amazing blessing.

Mr Chang is an 80-year-old man who was not very welcoming when we first visited. He does not like to get together with other older people because of their more severe mental and physical health issues, but Mr Changs attitude has change as hes got to know us better.

Cleaning Up

That day he told me that there was a man who was bed ridden. We followed him to see the patient. A very skinny old man lay there in a room that hadnt been cleaned.

I realised it was a very quiet man called Mr Sung who had joined in our activities before. After I evaluated his situation, the three of us set to work. We helped him with a bed wash, dressed a bed sore and cleaned his room.

After all the cleaning, I asked Mr Sung what he felt he needed most? Sleep He answered. He had been faced with the fear of death and loneliness, shut away for weeks. Mr Sung knew that we are Christians and had heard the good news every time we visited. I said to him: Jesus can help you. I briefly shared that Jesus saves people through his death and resurrection. He understood. I asked him if he would like to accept Jesus as his Saviour. He answered firmly I do. Mr Sung received Jesus and was baptized that day.

Before our team left his room, we sang hymns together and prayed for him. Im thankful to the Lord for the beautiful testimony and service the team were able to perform for the other elderly folk there. Mr Chang was very moved by what we did, he kept giving us the thumbs up and saying you saved a man today!

Showing Care

The next day we purchased a wheel chair and took it to the old peoples home. We visited Mr Sung again the next day. We helped him to get up off the bed, whilst at the same time I gave a resident at the home, Ms Wong, some simple nursing training. Ms Wong is paid by the owners of the home to take care of Mr Sung. Amazingly Ms Wong accepted the Lord that day, in floods of tears! We pray that Mr Sung would feel loved with all the care shown to him, and have dignity as he recovers.

Will you pray for China?  

Give thanks for how Mr Sung and Ms Wong came to know the Lord.

Give thanks for the faithful witness of this group of Christians in caring for China’s senior population.

Pray for China as it deals with the challenges that come with a population that is growing older. Pray for continued good care for people like those in this story.


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