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Would God satisfy her?

Imagine there is a vast plain. On it are many people, living comfortably. Next to the plain is a tall mountain. And on top of the mountain lays the best thing that God has prepared for you.

What would you do? Would you go up the mountain, as difficult as it might be, to receive what is the best? Or would you do what everyone else is doing, live comfortably on the plain?

I considered myself blessed to be given the burden to reach the unreached. Becoming a missionary—serving God and people in a foreign culture, and working with people from all around the world— this has been my dream ever since I had a glimpse into the life and work of missionaries during a short-term mission trip in Taiwan.

But, as strong as my desire was, the journey to long-term missions was not without obstacles. I wanted security in life. I wanted to be like everyone else: to have a stable career, a house, a car, and a family of my own. These internal struggles kept me from committing myself to this desire—to be involved in global mission—which God placed on my heart years ago.

Thankfully, God knows all things. He knew my struggles, my desires, and my indecisiveness. Through my church’s camp one year, God spoke to me loud and clear:

What do you really want Shirley? Are you really serious about serving me with your whole life? Do you trust me, trust that I will provide for you and satisfy you all your life?

I was scared. I was afraid of the prospect of not being like everyone else, to be different. But I was convicted of my lack of trust. However, God was good. He assured me of his provision and his good plans for me. He empowered me to take a step of faith, and to begin the journey to long-term mission.

My dream came true. This is my fifth year in Japan now. Though I am not pursing the things that the majority of the world purses, I have absolutely no regrets. On the contrary, I am, as God promised, being satisfied and provided for in every way.

By Shirley, an OMF missionary

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