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Working Class Student Work in Taiwan

June 2017–

Working with the Campus Evangelical Fellowship (CEF) of Taiwan these past 25 years among high school students, I could say at least 70% of them come from a working class background.  Take for example, Bwo Jen.  Her father is a rubbish truck collector for Tainan City Council.

Seven years ago, at our evangelistic camp she came to me, keen to start up a Christian Fellowship at her school: NanShang Vocational High.  I told her to go back to school and pray for at least two things: another student plus a suitable time when they did not have to go to cram school.  Eight weeks later she rang me up with the news her best friend wanted to join and we started meetings 5:30~7:00pm each Tuesday evening at the church across the road from school.

At her church she was the instigator of a prayer group for outreach among high schools.  Her friends and I ended up starting three more Christian Fellowships at their local schools.

Bwo Jen went on to university and while there became clear about God’s call to be a full time Christian worker.  She is now back in CEF in Tainan as our secretary and leading two high school fellowships.  Next semester we will give her the opportunity to lead a technical university fellowship.  While on home assignment last year she took over on of my groups ‘Sing Ying High School Christian Fellowship’.  We have four students attending, two of whom we would regard as seekers, one new Christian and one with a Christian upbringing.  All four have grown in their desire to know God and enjoy praying for each other at the close of each meeting,  All four are from working class families.  Pray for Bwo Jen, that God will confirm her calling and lead her clearly, and that she would mature in the gifts He has given her.

Her sister, Fang Chen, is a 1st year university student and she also started up a fellowship at their high school with me three years ago.  Now she is helping lead it.  She also believes God wants her to be a full time Christian worker.  She has already led some of the activities at our CEF evangelistic camps and been a small group leader.

Taiwan’s educational system now makes it possible for everyone to receive tertiary education.  However many of the universities established in the last 20~30 years are for those with a more practical bent e.g. hairdressing courses, being a tour guide, massage, early child care.  All these students coming through vocational high school and perhaps onto university form the largest group of students in Taiwan.  They have not heard the gospel: traditional ways of reaching them by in depth Bible study do not work.  Yet they can be reached by friendship, discussing life’s issues and being practical in living out our faith in Christ.  We need workers to share the gospel and encourage them to share the gospel with their friends and classmates.  I believe there are many like Bwo Jen and Feng Chen.  Please pray.  Please come.

Judith Jackson – Tainan


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