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Wilson – volunteering to support missionaries on home assignment

Looking for a new challenge for the new year?
How about volunteering with OMF?

Wilson volunteers with OMF Australia supporting missionaries on home assignment. We asked him a few questions about volunteering with OMF:

Why did you decide to get involved and volunteer with OMF?

After working for number of years, I felt led to redirect my contribution from the commercial world to some other places that have a deeper impact. With an opportunity to stop work last year, I prayed and God guided me to make an enquiry to OMF about how I can be part of the great commission, and OMF kindly accepted me to join the mission as a volunteer.

What does your role involve and what impact does it have?

I started working as the coordinator of 2018’s OMF Australia national conference. With the great team that I work with, and my project management background, God used this major event to bring members together, mobilise potential candidates, and bless church pastors and mission leaders.

Earlier this year, I was invited to take on the Homeside Ministry Team (HMT) coordinator role in New South Wales, Australia. HMTs are a group of people who come alongside missionaries to pray, support and help with any practical needs the missionary might have while they are on the field or when they are back on home assignment. While I support a few different missionaries, it’s clear to see the difference between those who have a HMT supporting them, and those who don’t.

Personally being involved in two HMTs, I am now helping to equip other HMT members and work with missionaries to mobilise and set up their own HMTs. It has been rewarding to see how missionaries and their HMTs work together to glorify God and extend His kingdom, particularly when the missionary is back on home assignment and the practical help HMTs provide in sending the missionary to the field or helping them return home smoothly.

How much time commitment does it take?

Due to my other commitments, I can only afford to set aside an average of two days a week for this role. The amount of time required varies depending upon the number of missionaries being sent and coming back for home assignment. As most of the HMT members have work and other commitments, I often need to visit them on a weeknight or over the weekend. It is certainly not enough to cover all the HMTs in New South Wales by one part-time resource. Let us pray for more volunteer available to cover this important role!

How would you encourage others who want to get involved by volunteering?

Volunteering in the big OMF family has been really fulfilling. Other than the privilege of ministering on the Homeside, it has been great to work alongside the lovely people at OMF. I’ve learnt so much about mission, partnership, love and humility during my short 18 months of service so far. I encourage anyone with a missional mindset to join the great team and volunteer at OMF

Will you pray?  

  • Give thanks for volunteers like Wilson who use their time and gifts to help serve in world missions.
  • Could you pray about how God might be leading you to serve in his global purposes?

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