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Where church feels like family

I had only recently moved to Yotsukaido, Chiba, and begun serving at Megumi no Oka Chapel when someone asked me if I’d had any problems since coming here. I laughed a little and responded that even before I can fully comprehend that I have a problem, someone will offer to help me.

For example, the Sunday after I moved, two people from church were asking how I was getting settled. I admitted that there were still boxes in every room, and I had slept the night before on my futon because I had been too exhausted the first day to assemble my new bed. Before I could even protest, the two of them had gathered tools from the church and were having me lead the way to my new apartment so they could assemble my bed for me. As they did, they continually shooed me away from helping and instructed me to unpack my boxes.

That is only one example of the kindness I have experienced being a member of this community. I feel incredibly blessed that Jesus has sent me to serve here at Megumi among my new friends. Many members of the church describe it as a family and it truly feels that way.

More than the children’s programs, prayer meetings, Bible studies, the monthly cafe, and the basketball team, the driving force of my church is house church. Around the city, we have different members facilitating house churches.

The barrier to enter a church building can be high, but the barrier to enter the house of someone who is serving you a yummy meal is a little lower. The different house churches are a way for Christians to live more communally and understand the concept of “church” going past the physical building on Sundays. They also allow a safe place for seekers to see more of the daily life of Christians.

I am looking forward to growing a deeper relationship with people in this town through house church. I’m also excited to see how God will use me in this community while I continue to grow and learn.

By an OMF Missionary

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