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When Sitting Side by Side

There are millions of people in Manila. The many islands of the Philippines also have many people. Transport for these people is many and varied.

When sitting side by side, thigh bone to thigh bone, on a bench in a jeepney, and kneebone to kneebone with the person opposite, on a bench in a jeepney, you can be sure that you will soon be talking with someone.

I got talking with Nicole, who decorates beautiful cakes and then sells them. She proudly showed them to me, on her phone, elaborate and mouth-watering, suitable to celebrate any special occasion.

She was a Roman Catholic, and was struggling to reconcile some of the practices of the Catholic faith with what she was reading in the bible. God spoke to her one morning when she was reading the bible and praying.

He said, “Worship me only.  Jesus is the only one to pray to.” YAY!

I shared with her a small hand drawn diagram showing the way of salvation. She was so enthusiastic and said she had much peace in her heart because she was on her way to heaven. We exchanged email addresses and then parted ways.

On returning home to New Zealand there was an email waiting, from her. We have continued communicating, she asks questions and I reply after prayer and research. She attends a bible study where many questions are asked which is an encouragement to her and her friends. In today’s small world because of the internet one’s influence, guidance and friendship can extend far beyond one’s back door, to enlarge the kingdom of God.

God is alive and well! God still speaks clearly through his word today, in the Philippines, in our home countries, to you, to me.

You can and will find the truth in his word, through prayer, like Nicole. God reminded me through this one incident that reading the word and praying is where I find the real truth. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life.”

Jill, Serve Asia Worker in the Philippines

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