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When Jesus calls…

When Jesus calls you, and you get up, leave everything behind and follow him, your life gets changed. It is happening to Bai Chaa (Tea Leaf) and I marvel at the impact her meeting with Jesus is having. Tea Leaf lives in a very simple house at the edge of her village, together with her husband, daughter and son. Tea Leaf’s life is far from easy:  the budget is tight because the husband recently lost his job and he is quite a drinker; her son is small and sickly and she is being talked about in the village because of her faith in Christ.

However, Tea Leaf is now reaching out to a lady, Rain Drop, who has a far more difficult life. This lady had the misfortune of losing a husband to a sudden sickness. It has never become exactly clear what the cause of his death was – only that he suffered from terrible headaches. But somehow the villagers started gossiping that Rain Drop infected him with HIV, seeing as she had had a number of husbands up till then.  No one in the village wants to be friends with an HIV-infected woman.  Rain Drop actually went to the pain of having her blood checked, and she is not infected. But it doesn’t make a difference.

Tea Leaf doesn’t care about the gossip. She invites the lady to her house and one time did her laundry for her. She got scolded for this by another woman in the village – why become friends with such a person! But Tea Leaf doesn’t mind. She invites Rain Drop to a bible study because she wants her friend to meet with Jesus.

This is the life of Jesus in the heart of a village lady. I think it is awesome. And very courageous.

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