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What’s your ministry in Japan?

It’s easy to list what we do in our jobs, but the context of our roles is vital to understanding why we do what we do.

We’re missionaries with OMF International. OMF has over 1,200 missionaries reaching out to East Asians. In Japan OMF has about 125 missionaries working in church planting, evangelism, training, student ministry, and support ministries.

OMF Japan’s Vision is By God’s grace we want to see a vibrant church impacting every community

So, in that context, my husband, David, and I are support workers. We support other missionaries who are working on the front line in church planting and evangelism.

David works full-time at the Christian Academy in Japan. He’s teaches maths and science to high schoolers. But this year his teaching load has decreased as he moves into a leadership position. He’s now Director of Teaching and Learning, which includes overseeing the curriculum and professional development.

My roles are more varied. Here are my major responsibilities:

  • Managing Editor of Japan Harvest magazine that is for and by missionaries. It is the publication of the Japan Evangelical Missionary Association.
  • Content manager of the OMF Japan website and this blog is a new role I’ve picked up this year.
  • Answer the email enquiries that come from the OMF Japan website. I provide information or direct email traffic to the appropriate persons.
  • Blog and freelance writing. I seek to encourage and educate others with the stories God has given me. I write regularly on my personal blog:
  • Publication project manager. I’ve been the project manager for various OMF Japan print products, including 31 Days of Prayer for Japan.
  • Friend. I stay in contact with the Japanese friends God has given me, they don’t know the Lord yet, so we pray and mobilise prayer for them.
  • Encourager of the international women around me. We’re situated close to the school where my husband teaches, so there are a number of international families nearby.
  • Wife and mother. Our three boys keep us busy, especially keeping up with their various sporting endeavours.

Therefore you can see that not much of what we do is directly involved with the above vision statement, however that doesn’t make us second-class missionaries. We’re a part of the OMF Japan team, as opposed to just being a teacher and a writer-editor. The roles we have allow other missionaries, many of whom are church planters and evangelists, to do what God’s called them to do.

We feel a tremendous sense of ownership of the OMF Japan vision. What we do is part of a bigger mission of reaching Japan for Jesus.

Wendy is an Australian who has been in Japan with OMF since 2000. She’s married to David who teaches maths and science at the Christian Academy in Japan. They have three boys between the ages of 12 and 18. She’s an editor and writer. In this nine-part series she answers searching questions about her experience of life and ministry as a missionary.


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