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What Is Life Like After a Short-Term Mission Trip?

Clarissa spent 4 months in Cambodia, a period of time that she describes as the some of the best months of her life. But, what happens after a Serve Asia placement? We join Clarissa a year after she’s been home to discuss what God is doing in her life today.

What are you doing now?

It’s crazy how a quickly a year flew by. A year ago today, I would have been in Cambodia, likely heading to Battambang to celebrate Khmer New Year. Now, a year later, I am back in school finishing up my second last term – but with much more direction in terms of where God may want me to be in the future.

How have you adjusted to returning home?

Returning home had its own set of challenges, the biggest one being that I missed Cambodia greatly – all the experiences I had and the people that I encountered and befriended. During the following months, I thought about Cambodia every day, listened to Khmer music, and kept up with the friends that I had made.

The greatest challenge was seeing my language learning come to a complete halt. Not only that, but without daily use and exposure to it, it was discouraging to lose more and more of it each day, despite trying to keep it up using a language app on my phone.

However, I had gained so much insight during my time there that I wanted to share it with everyone that I knew back at home. I had the privilege of speaking about my experience to my friends, family, and supporters. Constantly reminiscing and reliving my experience through sharing has helped keep the memory of the experience alive and all the things that God had taught me during that time.

How has the Serve Asia trip continued to impact you? 

It has been a year since my Serve Asia mission trip and the impact of it is evident in my approach to making decisions for my life. I have seen firsthand the need for more workers – there are so many who have still not heard the Good News of Jesus!


Knowing this, I will continue to support missions in any way that I can. I experienced so much of God’s goodness and faithfulness during the trip, which has grown my trust in His sovereign plan. I have also kept up with friends that I had made during the trip and continue to hope and pray that they would one day know Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour.

How did your placement change your focus for the future?

I have had a glimpse of how God may use my life in the future, which is to be more directly involved in missions. My decisions now reflect and work towards this goal.


How can we pray?

I became friends with some local university students during my time in Cambodia – please continue to pray that they would one day come to know Christ!

Please pray that I would continually trust in God’s plan for my life and that He would provide clear direction in His time.

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