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What can a weekly Bible study do?

When I first met Jorm, a young Krung lady in north-east Cambodia, she had been married more than three years. They were happily married and her husband was an elder at one of our churches.

There was just one problem; they had not yet been able to have a child. One morning, after our women’s Bible study group, Jorm decided to tell me her story. She told me she had been pregnant once, but quite far into the pregnancy she lost the baby.

Jorm’s neighbors told her this had happened because she no longer sacrificed to the spirits. They told her that if she wanted to have a child she would have to give up her faith in Jesus and go back to worshipping the spirits.

Jorm confided that her faith had been sorely tested by their words but that she had been inspired to keep following Jesus through our weekly Bible study. She explained that the stories of women in the Bible who had obeyed and trusted God even in the most trying circumstances had really helped her.

Since then, Jorm has had a beautiful baby girl, but her story will forever remind me of the impact a simple weekly Bible study can have on someone who is secretly struggling.


Will you pray for Cambodia?

  • Give thanks for how God used the Bible study to sustain Jorm’s faith.
  • Pray for believers to have a passion for God’s word that they may know him better and do the things that please him more and more (1 Thessalonians 4:1).
  • Pray for Cambodian Christians to be able to share the Good News with their friends, neighbors and colleagues.

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