Sending people to work cross-culturally is one of the most enriching ways for a church to be involved in mission. We can equip your church to do this in a way that has lasting impact.

In cross cultural work, the role of local churches is crucial. They’re involved every step of the way, including:

  • Advising people in their decision to go

  • Helping them choose the right mission agency to go with

  • Getting them the right training and preparation

Once the worker is overseas, the church is still actively involved. Prayer and financial support are vital, and visits from church members are a real encouragement. The church’s involvement often has the effect of inspiring local outreach activity as well.

This partnership between church and cross-cultural worker is really appreciated by both parties. And it’s key to ensuring long lasting, fruitful service. In other words, it’s crucial for sharing the good news of Jesus in East Asia. 

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