Bridge Asia Roles

Bridge Asia offers a range of specific roles in each team. These provide structure and enable you to plan your commitment making the most of your time with us. We can help you find one or a combination that best fits your personality, skills and experience.

Mission Advocate

Do you love to share about world mission with individuals or small groups within your own church, network of friends and work colleagues? To share resources and stories, you don’t have to be an expert speaker.

What Lis, Mission Advocate, says about her involvement:

"It has been such an encouragement to find out that I could do something active even though I wasn’t called to go out on the mission field. Don’t be put off by thinking you have nothing to offer – my only skill was/is talking and God has used that!"

Mission Presenter

Do you enjoy giving presentations or preaching about world mission at churches or other Christian groups?

What Bob enjoys about being a Mission Presenter:

"Working alongside the team and meeting bright young Christians interested in world mission"

Mission Mentor

Would you like to mentor one to three individuals locally to help them explore their personal involvement in world mission?

Jeff, Mission Mentor, on why he got involved:

"[I saw] I would be able to use my experiences of mission, teaching and pastoral work in supporting people considering overseas mission and have insights into OMF’s work to enable me to pray and serve more effectively."

Event Coordinator

Are you gifted at planning, organising and hosting events? Could you run one or two effective OMF events in your area per year? Could you partner with representatives of other Christian groups and churches to run several general mission mobilisation events?

James and Heather, Event Coordinators, share why they enjoy their role:

"It's great to be able to see God at work through speakers and those who come along to events we help organise. It's a real encouragement when people want to connect with OMF after being part of something. It's always a team effort in putting on an event and it is great to be able to share this joy with other people as passionate about mission as we are."


Prayer Groups Coordinator

Would you like to support the OMF prayer groups in your area? Could you gather and distribute vital prayer resources and offer training to encourage our committed pray-ers in their vital ministry of intercession for OMF’s ministry and East Asia’s peoples? Or do you have a burden to see more and deeper prayer for world mission – especially from young people? Could you initiate new expressions of prayer for individuals and groups?

Beth on being involved as a Prayer Group Coordinator:

"When I served in Asia with OMF, I so appreciated the prayers of our local prayer groups back home. I was always encouraged to see their interest and hear their informed prayers when I visited the groups while on home assignment. Now, as a retiree, it is a privilege to encourage prayer groups in return. One practical way I do this is by collating monthly prayer updates from all our Ireland workers which are shared with all the groups."