Do you have a passion to honour God by the way you work or run your business? Why not join us, take that passion to East Asia and work where the Church doesn’t yet exist?

About Missional Business

OMF has been working in East Asia since 1865 when J. Hudson Taylor founded the China Inland Mission.

We are now looking to work alongside people in new and innovative ways and develop exciting opportunities for experienced business men and women to come and make a difference. You could use your work skills and experiences with us for God in East Asia.

It could be in one of Asia’s mega-cities, in smaller tribal areas and everything in between. The challenge is immense.

Taking your profession to South East Asia

Have you ever thought of moving somewhere else in the world to do the job that you are now doing in your home country? Could your profession be used in witnessing to those who have never heard the truth about the love of Jesus?

Opportunities for Professionals

A new exciting opportunity is available to those who have both a desire to use their skills and profession with a heart to reach out to those living in South East Asia.

Through having a profession, you will have an identity within the community. You can then form friendships with people in a natural way, leading to opportunities to share about Jesus.

God can use you and your particular skills in amazing ways! If you would like to find out more and begin this journey please contact us.