Serve Overseas

Fisherman in Myanmar tossing his net into the water

With millions of people in or from East Asia having no opportunity to hear the good news of Jesus, there are many opportunities for Christians to live and serve among them.

What that looks like will depend on your experience, gifts and skills because God uses all sorts of people from all kinds of backgrounds to share the good news.

He uses church planters, theology lecturers and Bible study leaders. But he also uses administrators, architects, frisbee players, mountain bikers and radio producers to introduce people to Jesus! Professionals with all manner of skills have used annual leave, sabbaticals or career breaks to get involved with missionary work abroad. We’ve also seen God use retirees in special ways for his purposes, drawing on their rich experiences of life. Some serve for a few weeks, others for many years.

In over 150 years of helping people love and serve East Asia’s peoples, we’ve witnessed God’s faithfulness to overcome all manner of obstacles and fears that might have kept people from serving Him. 

Feel free to contact us at one of our state offices to apply to serve with OMF

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