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We shouldn’t come to church anymore

Sanhe Gospel Church, Chiayi

We haven’t been able to do park outreach due to the pandemic. Thankfully, by December, it seemed that it was safe enough to do the Christmas park outreach as planned.

At the Christmas park outreach, we met Allan, a 9 year-old living near the park. He was very excited to see activity going on at the park where he hangs out every Sunday. He participated in every activity station and invited kids he knew to join.

The following week, Allan came to our Sunday service and was eager to participate in Sunday school. His grandma followed. At lunch time, he appeared to be very hungry and ate two lunch boxes.  We then found out he didn’t have parents around. His mom left him while he was little and his father brought him to grandma when he was 5 and has never showed up since. His grandma is already 75 and without a job nor pension. They depend very much on people’s help.

They came back the following two Sundays and we taught Allan’s grandma how to pray. However, at a visitation the following day, grandma suddenly told us that they are Buddhists so they shouldn’t come to church anymore.

We were surprised by the sudden change of attitude from Allan’s grandma, but we understand this is very common among the Taiwanese working class. We pray that God will give our team wisdom to know how to continue to care for this family. 

Annie Laurinkari

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