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Waiting for watermelons in Region 8

“What’s the most exciting part of the year, Matt,” my boss would ask when I used to grow watermelons in New Zealand. “Planting season,” he would reply. “Just think about what kind of crops we might have this year?! No storms, no diseases, no mechanical failures yet, just pure potential.”
We are in an exciting time at the start of our work in the Philippines. We’ve been learning language, connecting with people, and exploring how we might go about assisting the church to grow and multiply in unreached areas. We’ve been led to partner with a church and we long to see lives freed and transformed for God’s glory among the Waray. We wonder and dream of seeing what God is doing, and what he will do spiritually here.
Jesus spoke about praying for workers to be sent into the harvest ‘field,’ in Luke 10. He’d already just sent almost a whole church: 72 people to proclaim the good news of the kingdom in the surrounding regions. And he still thinks that’s hardly enough people! Jesus must have had a super vision of the harvest work to be done!
Of course, storms and challenges are also undoubtedly on the horizon, but that’s not going to stop God’s plans. Jesus said He’d still build His church, in Matt 16:18. How are you joining in the story? How is your vision for the harvest? Would you take a moment to pray for the Philippines field?
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Written by Matt Nicholas

Matt is part of a small team that OMF Philippines is seeking to grow in Region 8, in order to partner with existing churches for the encouragement of gospel growth and resources for the church in this hard to reach area of the nation.

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