Why Christ’s Love Compels Me to Write

I’m Just a Writer

I’m not sure what compelled me to drop over $700 for a mission conference my senior year of college. I don’t think it was Christ’s love.

Maybe it was the chance to hang out with my friends in St. Louis for a week. Maybe it was the simple encouragement from someone to go because “the conference will be fun.” Maybe it was the Holy Spirit.

In any case, I went, and the Urbana Student Missions Conference rocked my world. Or rather, the stories of God’s work around the world struck me. The sobering statistics about the global state of the gospel burdened me.

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By Megan Sarian

At Urbana, I learned that only 3 percent of foreign missionaries serve unreached people. That meant billions of people were likely to die without ever hearing the gospel.

While pondering these heavy truths, I began talking with an OMF representative as I passed by their booth in the exhibit hall. I wish I could say I approached them because I had a heart for Asia. In reality, OMF’s banners caught my eye and I accidentally made eye contact with a friendly woman.

Before she could say much, I dropped a disclaimer. “I don’t know if you can do anything with me,” I said. “I’m just a writer.”

She began tearing up as she told me that they had been praying for writers to come talk to them. They had an open position for a Writer/Editor on their US Communications team.

My Burden for Asia Grows

That conversation jumpstarted a whirlwind journey for me. To consider the writing role, I needed to familiarize myself with OMF—and East Asia. So, I flew to Southeast Asia with OMF’s Serve Asia program. I walked the slums with my short-term team and asked locals about their lives, their hopes, their dreams. Their hospitality and generosity blessed me. But their stories broke my heart.

Many of them said God seemed distant. They couldn’t be sure that their sins were forgiven. And they didn’t know that Jesus extended unconditional love and grace to them. How could they know? They had few opportunities to hear the gospel.

Doing My Part

When I returned to the US, my lifestyle suddenly stood in stark contrast with those I had met in Asia.

Material possessions aside, I had so many opportunities to hear about Jesus. Yet many East Asians would go their whole lives without meeting a single believer who could share God’s love with them. They sought truth amid imposing cultural, geographic and/or social barriers.

I asked myself—and God, “What can I do to change this?”

The answer soon crystalized. I could take the position as Writer and Assistant Editor with OMF. I didn’t know what kind of difference I would make, but I knew I could offer my skills and trust God with the rest.

The Power of Story

In the eight years I’ve served as a storyteller with OMF, I’ve found that making God’s work known is powerful.

I’ve had the privilege of traveling to remote villages and bustling cities in Asia to hear people talk about God’s work in their lives and how they’ve been transformed by the Holy Spirit in unbelievable ways.

When I’ve been able to capture those narratives from East Asians and bring them back to the US, I see others being touched in the same way I have. I hear contagious excitement in people’s voices when they say, “How can we share this story with more people?”

Their enthusiasm tells me they’ve seen or heard much more than my words. They’ve seen Jesus. The glimpse of his work stirs their hearts. They want to celebrate his power and love.

And this is the privilege I hold as a storyteller. To help people celebrate their Savior, and commit their lives to his global mission.

His Love Holds Me Here

Even though I didn’t set out on this path compelled by Christ’s love, it’s his love that holds me here. When I grow tired or wonder if putting words on the page is still worth it, out of his love for me and the people of East Asia, God renews my strength for this work. And on some days—the days when I see stories move people and we worship Jesus together—I’m reminded what a gift he has given me in this role.

What does Christ’s love compel you to do? Learn more about how you can use your skills for mission.

Author Bio:

Megan worked in communications for almost 10 years. She served as Content Manager for OMF (U.S.) until moving to Cambodia to join the team there. She enjoys writing, editing and over-thinking everything word-related. Megan spends her spare time cycling, thrift shopping, exploring her city and drinking coffee with (or without) friends.

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