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Our ministry focus is in East Asia and among East Asians worldwide.

We have a history and tradition of pioneering, risk-taking, life-changing ministry (passed to us through our founder, J. Hudson Taylor). Today, we embrace ongoing and future-looking integrated ministry. Our legacy and the story we are writing tell the amazing story of God shared by people from around the world working in community. Our greatest desire is to reach out with the life-giving hope of his gospel. We speak with truth (biblically accurate), consistency (one voice), professionalism and inspiring invitation to the task God has given OMF International in the world.

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Bible Translation

Translating the Bible and Christian literature requires long-term, if not lifetime, commitment. We believe in the value of this critical ministry for the evangelization of East Asia’s peoples and having God’s word in their heart language. 


Business as Missions

Missional business is reaching people for Christ through commerce centered on a mission purpose. We seek seasoned business professionals with a desire to invest not just their expertise but their lives toward growing Christ’s kingdom among the communities of East Asia. 


Church Planting

At the heart of our vision is the church. While there are many avenues to sharing the gospel, we feel a vital way to see genuine transformation of society and culture is by starting local churches, or “communities of faith” through the grace of God. 


Creation Care

We believe that the church has a responsibility to care for God’s creation as an expression of his kingdom; and that we cannot truly love our neighbors without caring for the land and ecology on which they (and we) depend. 


Community Development

Serving the holistic needs of the materially poor through community development work, we want to see the church’s expression of Christ’s love through long-term partnerships with local communities and agencies to improve the socio-economic status of unreached peoples. 


Medical Work

Whether you’re a doctor, dentist or other medical professional, healthcare work allows you to enter unreached communities, love the people in tangible ways and ultimately point them to the unconditional love of Christ. 


Mobilizers come alongside people and journey with them as they think through their life direction – similar to journeying together in discipleship. They may serve as advocates for specific unreached people groups or ministry needs, or mobilize their local church. 

Personal Discipleship

All OMF workers look for opportunities to disciple and encourage other believers around them. However, some situations provide special roles focused entirely on this ministry of helping other Christians take the next steps in their spiritual growth. 

Personal Evangelism

God has provided places and opportunities where our workers focus on sharing the gospel with people open to beginning their relationship with God. These evangelists meet new people, follow up with existing contacts, and pray for God’s work in each individual’s heart. 


Through believing prayer we partner with God and his work in the world, as well as his work in us. We regard prayer as central to all that we do and the most important thing all of us can do to support our workers and ministries.  

Research & Ethnography

We work in diverse ways to learn and grow in understanding of challenges and issues for the sake of more effective ministries. This work may include research focusing on particular countries, peoples, trends, or issues.  

Social Issues

We work alongside the hungry, the homeless, the enslaved, the widowed, the orphaned and the many others who are oppressed across East Asia. We desire to be Christ’s hands and feet as we build friendships, meet physical needs and invite the lost to experience freedom through Christ.  

Teaching & Lecturing

We believe that through serving as Christian educators, we have the rewarding role of not only sharing the benefits that literacy and education bring, but also the joy and hope of life in Christ to students and other educators. 

Theological Education

Our desire is to equip local East Asian churches so they can become all that Christ wants them to be. Whether you’re a lay person, missionary, biblical counselor or professional theologian, your skills can help develop a new generation of Christian educators in East Asia. 

Third Culture Kids

TCKs are children and youth who identify with people of similar cross-cultural experiences more than they do with their passport culture and host cultures. We desire to see families with thriving TCKs who are becoming all that God desires them to be.  

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