From Volunteer to Finance Manager

Candace volunteered as a Regional Mobilization Volunteer in the Houston area, and now she has joined the Japan Field as their Finance Manager.

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Interview with Candace

What led you to volunteer with OMF?

Since I have been wanting to go to Japan for missions for a while, I was looking for ways to prepare to go. When I learned about the 6 Ways to be involved with missions, I realized mobilizing others by sharing my passion for going, specifically at my church, was a part I could play in missions while being here.

I also realized how important it is since I was mobilized to go myself, and it would be encouraging to share how everyone can engage in missions as a church body in their own unique ways!

What have you enjoyed most about volunteering?

Having the opportunity to connect with and get to know others at my church that I didn’t know also had a passion for missions! It has been an encouraging process getting to share my passion for Japan, but also to hear from others and see how our church is growing to be more missional.

What have you learned from your time with OMF?

I have learned to find peace in knowing everything that happens is in God’s perfect timing.

Though I may have my own goals and target dates to be fully funded or to go, if I am delayed, there is still peace in trusting God’s timing in it all and to focus on being faithful day by day!

Prayer requests:

·       Prayer for wisdom in how I use my time.

·       Prayer for continued peace amidst the COVID-19 situation.

Candace is now in Japan, read the latest here. Are you also interested in volunteering with OMF? We have a place for you in the Fellowship. Find opportunities here.


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