From a missionary mother who is also an adult third-culture kid (TCK).
It took three days of driving on bumpy roads over high mountain passes to reach the places God has put on our hearts. We spent four nights sleeping in a tent and I wondered how 14-month-old Sara would cope. Thankfully, she was the one who slept best, even when all our bedding was soaked by heavy rainfall!
We visited a dear friend who has tuberculosis, and his uncle with leprosy. Their simple home was filthy, and everyone wanted to hold and kiss Sara. Thoughts about what illness and grime I was exposing my daughter to crossed my mind, but, as I witnessed the joy and love she was giving these needy people, I was reminded of who my daughter belongs to first. Praise God that she was completely healthy throughout our travels!
As I think about living here, I must bring all my fears and concerns about the health and safety of my children to the feet of Jesus. God did such a good job of looking after me as a young TCK, I know without a doubt that I can trust him with my own kids even with the challenge of life in the mountains.

Will you pray for TCKs?
  • Pray that they would learn to show love and care to others.
  • Pray for God’s wisdom as their parents assess the risks involved in ministry location.
  • Pray that God’s peace would garrison their parents’ hearts and their own.

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