A procession of Tampuan believers walked down the dirt path, clothed in their brilliant splashes of pink, black, red, and white, the traditional clothing belonging to the Tampuan tribe. ⁠

Procession during the Tampuan Bible DedicationAt the front, walked a church leader holding a Bible in his open palms. To his left, a woman walked in rhythm to the loud gongs and stringed violin-like instrument common to this minority people. ⁠

She was singing, a steady chanting like sound. The lyrics, “Rejoice today everyone, rejoice! Brothers and sisters, today we have God’s Word!” ⁠

There are 72 English Bible translations on my Bible app. 72 different versions of God’s Word. ⁠

Yet, now, by his grace and mercy, the Tampuan people have 1 New Testament in their own language. ⁠

Commonly, it is said in Cambodia that Jesus is a god of the foreigners, and many of these Tampuan believers first learned how to pray and first read God’s word in a language foreign to them, the Khmer national language. ⁠

But now, these people can know that our God is a God who speaks their own heart language. Now, they can know that God is not only God of the foreigners, but their own God as well. ⁠

Praise the Lord that His Word has come to the Tampuan people.⁠

Translating the Bible is no easy feat! ⁠

The main two missionaries involved in the Tampuan translation were Andrew Carson and Jon Smedley. ⁠

For close to 20 years Andrew dedicated his life to translating the New Testament, but in 2020 he was forced to return to Australia due to health problems. Since then Jon has continued the work. ⁠

Filled with obstacles and illnesses, local people on the translation committee being unable to help for various reasons, monsoon season interfering with plans, etc. the work did not stop and the Lord has blessed the process. ⁠

Now, the local church may reap the benefits of these men’s efforts!⁠

By Will Grover – Will and Michaela Grover are church planters in Northeastern Cambodia helping train and equip leaders within the minority hilltribes. You can learn more about their ministry on PartnerHub.

(The photo at the top of this page shows translators and church leaders posing with government officials and village leaders during the dedication.)

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