Staff Picks: Top 5 Articles that Speak Even More Powerfully in 2020

If you’re anything like us, it feels like 2019 took place at least 5 years ago. With everything that’s occurred in 2020, we wanted to take a moment to pause and highlight some of our favorite posts from the past few years that feel even more relevant today than when we originally wrote them.

As selected by various OMF staff members, here are our Top 5 Articles that Speak Even More Powerfully in 2020.

How the Loneliness Epidemic Should Affect the Way We Do Missions

Well, this one aged pretty nicely. As the title suggests, this article explores social isolation throughout the world and our response as Christians. And that was before one of the most socially isolating events of our lifetimes took place! The call to form deep, meaningful relationships in a socially isolated world is even more pertinent today than when the article initially came out. Well-researched and incredibly timely, this article is well worth your time.

How to Care for Missionaries with Mental Health Struggles

While caring for missionaries both on and off the field is always an important topic, the stresses and challenges created by COVID-19 make this even more applicable today. Both vulnerable and highly practical, this article is a fantastic resource for churches and supporters looking for ways to support their missionaries well.

5 Lessons I Wish I Knew About Spiritual Warfare Before Traveling Overseas

Lessons for addressing spiritual warfare in a Godly, hope-filled way? It doesn’t take much to imagine why this article is all the more relevant in the midst of a global pandemic. The article’s encouragement to focus on Jesus over fear remains a helpful reminder for everything we’re going through.

Is Hospitality Crucial to Mission and Your Life as a Christian?

Spoiler: yes, yes it is. We initially wanted to highlight this article to demonstrate the importance of hospitality in the midst of COVID-19. However, the article’s focus on racial reconciliation gave it entirely new relevance in light of George Floyd.

The Joys and Disappointments of Diaspora Ministry

Now that you won’t be traveling overseas for a while, why not focus on the unreached people who are already here? We can only imagine the toll on international students and workers right now, many of whom are thousands of miles from any family. Now is an amazing opportunity to make meaningful friendships and introduce them to Christ!

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