Reaching the unreached of our world with the gospel traditionally means traveling thousands of miles from home, learning a new language, and spending years studying a foreign culture. Thanks to rapid advancements in communications technology, we now have some incredible tools to accelerate cross-cultural evangelism and discipleship.

Social media is one of those tools. It has a distinctive function, audience, and potential reach. It can go places that are difficult, if not impossible, for missionaries to go, spreading messages with unprecedented speed and eliciting instant engagement with thousands, even millions, of people.

With that in mind, OMF’s Media for Movements team has been using social media for God’s glory. Take, for example, their innovative approach to evangelizing and discipling the Shan people.

The Shan, as the October 2023 OMF Prayer Powerlines detailed, are one of 70 unreached people groups spread across several countries along the Mekong River in East and Southeast Asia. The 5-6 million Shan live in small villages where they are engaged in subsistence farming. Many lack adequate healthcare, clean water, and sanitation. The majority are Theravada Buddhists who also hold animistic and tribal beliefs.

As Prayer Powerlines noted, God is at work among the Shan. He is using the few Christians among them (about 3 in every 1,000) to reach other Shan, as well as people from the Bamar, Lisu, PaO, Karen, and Palaung groups. Radio has proven effective in sharing the gospel in this region. And now, the Media for Movements team is also spreading the Good News and equipping Shan believers through social media.

Drawing on his background in database development and years of studying the Shan language, Media for Movements leader, Roger,* and his assistant launched one of the very first Shan Facebook pages for evangelism. What started with a few seeds has steadily grown to yield a great harvest.

Shan Facebook Page

“Our posts on Facebook usually get less than 1,000 views,” Roger explains. “However, in July they started to get 10,000 and even 20,000 views. There have been 25,000 hours of gospel videos viewed since July, ten times more views than in all of 2022. Our gospel content reached 2% of the entire Shan population! It looks like Facebook is promoting our content for us. Facebook does not understand the Shan, but God is using Facebook to advance his kingdom.”

It is a remarkable achievement by a remarkable God.

Please pray for the Shan people to continue to respond to the gospel message. Pray for Jesus to be exalted and magnified among the Shan. Ask the Lord to give Roger and his team of OMF media outreach missionaries new strategies and a vision for utilizing technology to reach these unreached people whom God so dearly loves. Pray for Media for Movements to continue to grow and be instrumental in accomplishing God’s purposes.

To learn more about Media for Movements, explore training opportunities, and find out how you can get involved, write to:

Christopher and Frances LaneAbout the Author: Christopher Lane has spent much of his professional career writing for Christian organizations in support of the fulfillment of the Great Commission. He is especially passionate about reaching the unreached in our world with the gospel. Christopher and his wife, Fran, live in Colorado with their three energetic dogs.

*Name changed

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