“See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland,” (Isa. 43:19).


SUNDAYS • East Asian diaspora

The global pandemic brought devastating losses to every person on the planet. At the same time, the pandemic brought many East Asians into a closer fellowship with their Creator. We thank God for his faithfulness at all times. Since early 2020, life has been interrupted by lockdowns in various parts of the world. Busy individuals suddenly found they had extra time on their hands, and some were willing to use that time to engage in online Bible study. Once their schedules began to get busy again, would they move away from these studies? Praise God such online Bible studies have become a regular part of life for many people and they are continuing to meet! Pray that East Asians on the move would continue to seek Christ and join Bible studies, either online or in-person. Pray especially for those who have only experienced Bible study online but have never attended a church or fellowship group in person. Pray that they would connect to in-person worship and study opportunities in churches.

MONDAYS • Unexpected opportunities

Kaitlin was looking forward to finishing her master’s degree in May 2020 and returning to China to find a job, but the pandemic disrupted this. Travel restrictions made it impossible for her to go home as planned, and even though repatriation flights began in June, she and her friends couldn’t get tickets. Students made as many reservations as they could, knowing that most of them would be canceled. Stuck in the US, Kaitlin decided to complete another degree and was able to secure admission to a US law school. Over the past year, Kaitlin has faithfully attended an online Bible study, going through the gospel of John. While she hasn’t been baptized yet, she continues to grow in her understanding of the gospel. Praise God for the students like Kaitlin who have continued in Bible studies during the pandemic. Pray that Kaitlin and other students exploring Christianity would come to saving faith in Jesus.

TUESDAYS • Spiritual breakthrough

Jazmin had a mental breakdown during her undergraduate program. Her father traveled to the US to take care of her. He is involved in fortune-telling and Jazmin herself has spent thousands of dollars on a fortune teller. Before the pandemic, Jazmin began attending a cult, and in her words, she was “forced to be baptized.” During the pandemic, this group stopped reaching out to her, and she began connecting with Christians at her campus through online events. Pray that Jazmin and her father would fully reject fortune-telling and the occult, repent and turn to Jesus. Pray for others like Jazmin who need the freedom, peace and healing that can only be found in Christ.

WEDNESDAYS • Still seeking

Blake has been studying the Bible for several years but hasn’t yet committed fully to the Lord. One of the biggest blocks is fear of his parents’ rejection. Because of COVID, he was stuck in the US longer than expected. He met weekly with a staff worker on the phone and studied the entire Gospel of John. He is scheduled to return to China, over a year later than expected. Pray that men and women like Blake who have been exposed to the Gospel during their studies would connect with Christians when they return to Asia, be born again, and become part of their local church.

THURSDAYS • Family relationships

Jiang had long been looking for meaning and purpose in life. Over the years, he explored Confucianism, Buddhism, and philosophy, but didn’t find the answers he was seeking. He traveled to the UK to earn a Ph.D. in philosophy of religion. He discovered the gospel through his studies and realized the gospel was the answer to his search. When he returned to China after graduation, he joined a local church and started serving as a co-worker in the church. His wife, however, was actively hostile to his newfound faith. God has softened her heart over the past two years, and she is now preparing to be baptized. Praise God for his work in the lives of this couple. Many East Asians who find Christ while overseas return to experience hostility from family and spouses. Pray for winsomeness in witness to family and that the Holy Spirit would continue to move through family relationships.

FRIDAYS • Fruitful outreach

Linh had met Christians before but had not taken their beliefs seriously. When she arrived in the UK, however, she responded to an invitation from another Chinese academic and came to the church service on her first Sunday in England. Through the church’s Chinese Bible study and interaction with a number of friends in the church, she came to a real faith in the Lord Jesus and asked to be baptized. Because of the COVID lockdown, she was baptized at a church member’s home, with a number of friends witnessing the event, before returning to China. As an academic, she is wary of being identified as a Christian and hasn’t yet found a local church. She continues to join a Bible study online each week. Now her husband has started to join her for the study, as has one of her academic friends. Praise God that the gospel continues to spread like yeast, even in difficult places. Pray that believers would join and become part of good churches when they return home.

SATURDAYS • Infectious faith

Praise God for Miho, a young Japanese Christian. She faithfully witnessed to her boyfriend, Ajeet, a young Sikh man. His faith and joy in his newfound Savior are infectious. He is currently growing in his faith and wants to be used by the Lord. Pray that Ajeet and Miho would continue to reach out to Japanese, Sikhs, and many others! Chinese sharing with Japanese. Indians sharing with Chinese. Thai sharing with Germans. Pray that Christian leaders would disciple others to disciple others so that new believers in all nations would be discipled. Pray for other young workers for the harvest among East Asians on the move. The gospel is bearing fruit and increasing throughout the whole world—just as it also does among you, since the day you heard it and understood the grace of God in truth (Colossians 1:6).

Praise God for the OMF global team focused on ministry among East Asians everywhere. Send us an email requesting a five-day Diaspora prayer guide to share with friends. Support the team through united intercession. Write to: U.S.Prayer@omfmail.com.

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