OMF wants to come alongside your church and help your members become more passionately involved in missions. Our consultants can share a variety of quality resources, years of experiences, proven trainings and a network of global connections. A list of some of our more popular trainings are listed below. Please contact us using the buttons below if you have any questions or are interested in hosting a training at your church.

Our Discovery Workshop is a 2.5-hour session designed for churches just beginning to engage in global missions.

Our team will facilitate a time with your leaders exploring your vision, asking critical questions and encouraging active listening. This interactive workshop will help discern how God is leading you to engage as a church with the Great Commission.

Our VISION Workshop consists of three 2.5-hour sessions to help church leaders develop a deeper focus on missions.

Over the span of six months, we’ll help you and your team craft and implement your vision for church-wide involvement in missions.

Our Mission Mentor Training consists of two 3-hour sessions specifically for short-term leaders.

We’ll explore practical steps to help short-term trips positively impact four key audiences: the individuals going, the church body sending, the workers receiving and the people served on the field.

Our Chronological Bible Storytelling Workshop helps participants tell captivating Bible stories in a cross-cultural setting.

This can be a highly strategic tool in cross-cultural ministry and can help prepare short-term and long-term missionaries to effectively share the gospel.

Our DISPEL Workshop is a 3-hour session helping churches engage an unreached people group (UPG).

We’ll explore practical concepts such as how to church plant in cross-cultural settings and how to help your congregation engage deeply with unreached peoples.

Our Member Care Workshop is a 3-hour session helping churches better care for their missionaries.

Equip your church to better support missionaries both on the field and when they return to the States. We’ll explore a variety of topics like the Biblical Basis of Care and the Most Common Missionary Needs.