Prayer Guides

“Believers at home can do as much for overseas missions as those actually on the field. I believe it will only be known on the last day how much has been accomplished in overseas missions by the prayers of earnest believers at home.”  -James Fraser

Commit to praying for specific peoples in East Asia. Learn about the cultural treasures that God has given each one. Meet families and the challenges they face. Understand the challenges to bringing the gospel like never before.

Country Profiles

Pray informed prayers for East Asia’s nations by reading through or downloading our country profiles. Each profile contains an overview of the country’s population, religion, language, history and past efforts by Christian missionaries, along with prayer points.


These quarterly and monthly newsletters share stories of God at work and provide opportunity to pray for East Asia. You may read them here, download them or request to have them sent to you or sign up for e-mail versions.

5x5x5 Prayer Plan

You can empower ministry across East Asia through prayer—even for just five minutes a day, for five days, for five strategic points. Your prayers will open doors to the gospel in powerful ways, encourage workers, release strongholds and bring great glory to God.