“Nations will come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your dawn.” (Isaiah 60:3).


Pray for Mekong Minorities

The Mekong River, filled with diverse people groups and everything from mega cities to remote villages, flows through five countries. The water flows down the river—guaranteed to reach its destination. And the vision of the Mekong minorities team is to see gospel movements flow among 70 of the most unreached people groups in the region. These diverse groups with different languages and cultures number more than 50 million people! They vary in size from several hundred thousand to twenty million people. Buddhism has influenced many of these groups and all have strong animistic or ancestral worship beliefs. All share an urgent need: God’s word in their own language—for their church and for the people in places where they live. Join in prayer for the Shan people.

 SUNDAYS • Changed lives

In a Shan village in North Thailand, young girls who came to know Christ are now in the sixth year of our scholarship program. Not only are they first-generation believers, but a door has opened for them to receive an education their parents could only have dreamed of. Some of these girls are now in vocational colleges and universities, excelling in their studies. Pray they would not only stay faithful to their Lord but that they would also be influencers in their classrooms among students of all ethnic backgrounds.

MONDAYS • Food for the hungry

Several thousand Shan people in a camp for internally displaced people along the Myanmar-Thai border face a crisis on every side. On their northern border the military keeps them hemmed in, while the COVID pandemic has also sealed the Thai border to the south. Their sources of work and income have dried up, just one of the reasons they live in constant fear. By the grace of God, a consortium of Christian agencies has come together to provide daily nutritious food supplements that are brought to these hungry people every month. Pray that they might recognize the compassion of the Lord Jesus Christ for them through the tangible gift of food.

TUESDAYS • Good News in rehab camp

Over a thousand men and women have come to a mountain village in Myanmar to seek freedom from their drug addiction. A Shan pastor usually leads the rehab program, but he has not been able to since COVID first closed the borders. Recovering addicts spend most of their time isolated in barracks during this rainy season, shut off from the world by the pandemic. Now an opportunity has opened up to send solar-powered listening devices into each barrack, loaded with Bible stories, testimonies, and Christian music in their heart language. Pray that these devices will make their way into each barrack, and that the sun/Son will open their hearts and minds to the Good News.

WEDNESDAYS • Hunger for the Gospel

Several Shan want to receive Jesus and some were baptized in June. Local area Christian leaders rejoiced to see three Shan families and one woman receive Jesus. Even though some of them have experienced resistance from friends and families, they are still very eager to know more about God. Pray for these new Christians and that leaders will have wisdom and grace to teach them more about who God is and how they can live the new life. Pray for those new believers who are struggling with alcohol addictions.

THURSDAYS • Let the little children come

A lot of ministries have been closed down because of COVID, including a school for Shan children. Pray that the school will restart without difficulty and that school staff will reach out to many Shan children and other nearby people groups.

FRIDAYS • Media to movements

Facebook provides a unique opportunity for individuals to come in contact with gospel messages in ways they may not have access to in person. There are Facebook groups that provide a space for the Shan to watch Christian videos and engage in discussions about the gospel. Pray that beyond “likes” and video views that individuals will earnestly seek the Lord when they see gospel messages online. Pray that God will use digital means to draw people to himself. Pray that this spiritual hunger will continue and Shan people will be reached with the Good News in the midst of COVID and beyond.

 SATURDAYS • Scripture for the Shan

Shan pastors have been working together to revise and republish the Shan Bible for several years. They are in the final stages of proofreading now before they print. The pandemic limited their ability to collaborate in person, but they learned how to work online. The current situation in Myanmar has further disrupted their work, but again they found ways to continue on to get the work done. Please pray as they come to agreement over the final draft of the text. Please also pray for the printing and distribution of the finished Bible.

Click here to download the October 2021 Prayer Powerlines

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