“Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful,” (Colossians 4:2).

SUNDAYS • Thai Christians adapting during COVID

Pray for Thai Christians to continue in fellowship with each other, whether in person or online. Pray for the Lord’s protection from false teaching and guidance to solid Christian teaching as people continue looking for videos or live streams on the internet. Pray for encouragement from the Lord in the midst of difficulties.

 MONDAYS • Thai churches meeting during COVID

Most Thai churches are meeting in person again, yet ask, “How do we continue to operate?” or “How do we connect with members who haven’t returned?” Pray for creative ideas and for wise response to opportunities in their communities to share both love (e.g., care packages) and truth (the gospel).

TUESDAYS • Missionaries serving during COVID

Pray for missionaries stuck outside Thailand, uncertain how long until they are allowed to return, or what practical steps to take in their home country: especially involving children’s schooling or changes of living situation. Pray for financial provision for all, especially for workers from Brazil and India. Presently, seven couples and three singles are waiting to return to Thailand, with two singles and another couple due to return soon.

 WEDNESDAYS • Felt needs of the Thai

How do Christians address Thai questions like, “Who can give me value as I encounter karma and seek social acceptance?” Many Thai pursue materialism, but struggle with debt and the economic instability of COVID.  Life is seen as unresolvable, and there is ongoing social unrest. May hearts open to seek a loving Father and Savior.

THURSDAYS • Discipleship and church planting  

Pray that Thai Christians may know and obey Jesus so deeply that they boldly share with neighbors and live their lives in a way that demonstrates how to know and obey the Lord. Pray that recent workshops on sharing the good news will strengthen the witness and produce new believers who gather into small groups and churches.

FRIDAYS • Loving the urban poor

Pray for meaningful collaboration among four recognized Christian organizations working together in the slums of Bangkok: Baan Nok Khamin (ministry to street boys), Mana Recycling (a way for the urban poor to earn money), Samakhom Christian, and Rak Chumchon (Love Community) as missionaries and Thai Christians seek to love, walk with and help the poor.

SATURDAYS • Evangelical Fellowship of Thailand

Praise God for the national gathering of the Evangelical Fellowship of Thailand during September. Pray for wisdom, energy and grace to implement vision for the future. The potential to influence all of Thailand for the gospel is far-reaching. Praise God for Christian ministries, church planting efforts, and discipleship training that will bless Thailand’s evangelical Christ-followers (estimated at just 0.65% of the population).

Pray for Thai outreach and training
Sharing Hope and Love in Jesus Christ

Praise God for this fresh report from field workers, illustrating how one Thai believer introduced her friend to Jesus.

“One day, Nuan went to visit her friend Tan. Both women are from the same village but they had not seen each other for a very long time, because Nuan had recently returned to the village after working in Bangkok. Nuan told Tan that she was feeling very tired, because she had some health issues. She asked Tan if it was OK for her to lie down and take a break. She also mentioned that she had seen a doctor and was taking medication. Since Tan had experienced God’s healing in her own life, as she is a cancer survivor, she realized her friend was going through a hard time physically. Because Tan could relate to Nuan’s discomfort, she left her work and brought water, sat near her, and massaged her. She also sang gospel songs, read the Bible, and prayed for Nuan.

Tan shared the gospel with Nuan, and told her that if she believed in Jesus, she would find real peace and joy in her life. Nuan would no longer need to worry about life after death. Tan also encouraged her to go to church with her, which led to Nuan’s accepting Christ as her personal Savior! Nuan also experienced God’s healing. When Nuan told her husband, who is not a Christian yet, about the decision she made, he told her that since she had become a child of God, she needed to remove all her amulets and the strings on her wrist.

Just when Tan was giving thanks for the opportunity to share the gospel with Nuan, her friend walked through the church door. What a joy and blessing to see a person turn to God and become His child! Nuan was keen to study the Bible and was baptized July 5. She lives with her husband, one of their children, and her mother. Nuan’s mother is very much against her decision, so please pray for her and for the salvation of the rest of Nuan’s family.” Pray for Nuan and other new believers, growing in their faith as they seek fellowship and discipleship with others.

 Equipping Leaders for Ministry in Thailand and Beyond

Pray for the far-reaching effectiveness of intentional discipleship within churches, seminaries, and Bible schools, training the next generation of Jesus followers. For example, Bangkok Bible Seminary has opened its classes to online learners who study at the same time as the in-class students. The faculty is excited, commenting that the online students are participating very well with those in class.

The staff is thankful that this gives opportunities to those who want to deepen their Bible knowledge but are not able to study full-time on campus because of work, family or distance. Another exciting development involves Bible training schools in Myanmar and Papua New Guinea: interest has developed in the online learning software that Bangkok Bible Seminary has been using. Pray for partnership opportunities, exploring the viability of sharing software resources with other schools.


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