“I will make rivers flow on barren heights, and springs within the valleys. I will turn the desert into pools of water,
and the parched ground into springs.” (Isa. 41:18)

November 2021

Pray for Vietnam

Vietnam is a vibrant, growing country with a population of 98 million people. The number of believers in Vietnam has doubled in the last ten years, yet the Church remains small. Up to three-quarters of Bible-believing Christians can be found among a few minorities, like the Hmong, who have responded warmly to the gospel. Out of over 83 million ethnic Vietnamese, however, only 450,000 are Christian. In addition, among the 36 million Northern Vietnamese, there is just one believer for every 2,000 people. Many minority people groups like the Nùng, Tày, Mường and Thổ have even fewer believers still. Vietnam remains one of the most unreached areas in East Asia. Pray that these peoples may hear the gospel of Jesus Christ, embracing the good news in all its fullness, transforming their lives and communities.

SUNDAYS • Transform the nation

“Lord, you know the needs in Vietnam. We ask that you would transform this nation. We pray that you would help those ministering there to develop suitable ways to reach the Việt Kinh in both urban and rural areas. Bless the efforts to reach minority groups and may the fruit of their work be communities of people who love you. Father God, we ask you to help your people as they learn, teach and work in places where they seek to proclaim your good news. Pour out your peace and unity on those working in partnership with local Christians and groups. May your Kingdom come as they work together.”

MONDAYS • Sowing the seeds

In Vietnam there are many obstacles to the Good News taking root in people’s lives, just like those Jesus spoke of in the parable of the sower. Trouble and persecution from family cause people to fall away from faith, and materialism stifles growth in the gospel. Praise God for the times the seed falls on good soil and produces a crop many times over.

 TUESDAYS • Transforming communities

As the kingdom of God grows in Vietnam, there are reasons to rejoice. Not only are individuals coming to know Jesus, but entire families, communities and people groups are being transformed by the gospel. Pray for greater breakthroughs, that the harvest would be multiplied.

WEDNESDAYS • Facing challenges

Vietnam has more than 50 minority groups. In the northern provinces, many of these groups remain completely unreached with the gospel. Some of the largest groups are the Muong (1.4 million), Tay (1.8 million), Nung (1.1 million) and Black Thai (800,000). Pray for the few believers in these distinct groups. Pray for outreach among the vast majority who remain far from God.

 THURSDAYS • Communicating the message

Sharing Bible stories is one effective way to communicate God’s love and grace. Stories can be easily understood and are often warmly received. Pray that new believers would receive a solid foundation in God’s Word, which has the power to transform their worldviews.

FRIDAYS • Empowering more workers

Training and mentoring is critical in grounding new believers in their walk with Christ. Pray for those with a heart for mission to be sent cross-culturally to other people groups, both within and beyond Vietnam. Thank God for a young generation of believers with a passion to see God at work in their nation. Pray for wisdom as they try new approaches to mission, trusting God for effective outreach.

SATURDAYS • Praise for new workers in training

Praise God for a good number of new workers from around the world who plan to participate in the OMF November Orientation Course. Two families from the U.S. are excited about moving forward to their ministries in East Asia. Pray for Peter and Erica. Pray also for Allen and Kara, with their four children.

Click here to download the November 2021 Prayer Powerlines

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