The name “Thailand” means “land of the free,” but the Thai are not free. They are in bondage to the spirits and to the hopelessness of Buddhism. For Thai people, the number nine is seen as lucky. They like it in their house numbers, in their phone number, on their license plates and even on their shirtsleeves.
The number 99 is seen as doubly good; a well-known public figure once made merit at 99 temples across Thailand in an attempt to change his luck.
The Thai people need to know that the number nine will not bring them luck, prosperity, peace or freedom. In order to be really free, they need to know Jesus, the giver of true life and freedom.
This month, as you read about what God is doing in Thailand, please pray that the Thai might really be free.
Here are NINE ways to pray for Thailand:

  1. May the FREEDOM of the Lord deliver those in bondage.
  2. May God bless the Thai people with RIGHTEOUSNESS.
  3. May the Lord bless the Thai people with CONTENTMENT.
  4. May the blessing of God’s KINGDOM be established in Thailand.
  5. May the TRUTH of God become clear.
  6. May the GRACE of God come to and through the church.
  7. May the LIGHT of Christ enlighten the hearts of the Thai people.
  8. May the LOVE of God be poured into every heart.
  9. May the abundant LIFE of Christ come to Thailand.

Click here for more information about the country and people of Thailand.

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