Home to over 23 million people from over 10 ethnic groups, China’s Silk Road is a living tapestry of cultures. Each person in this region is a beautiful detail in the tapestry, known and loved by our awesome God.
China’s Silk Road People are traditionally Muslim. In the Islamic calendar, the special month of Ramadan can remind us to pray with urgency for Muslim peoples across China, and other regions of East Asia. For many Muslims, this month is very important, both as a time to renew their commitment and anticipating the main holiday period of the year. Ask God to stir you to pray for the Silk Road people in China during the month of June and early July. Join with others praying for millions of Hui, Uyghurs and Kazaks to experience Christ’s love.
To join with others in united prayer for the Silk Road people during June and early July:

  • Text PRAYSILKROAD to 24587 to receive short daily text messages (a series of prayer points distributed from June 6 to July 6).
  • Download the Silk Road 5x5x5 Prayer Guide (PDF) and invite your friends to pray with you at your church or in your small group.
  • Pray right now for Hui, Uyghurs and Kazaks, interceding around these five key topics.
  • E-mail prayer@omf.org for more information. Get acquainted with and consider adopting workers who need your partnership.
  • Discover more at: omf.org/asia/china/pray-for-chinas-silk-road-people

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