What Do Missionaries Do on Home Assignment?

After a U.S. missionary’s “term” overseas, which can last anywhere from three to four years (or longer), they make a visit back to the States to reconnect with family and partners. It’s an important time of rest and refreshment, but also mobilization. These workers share with churches and supporters who have been praying for their ministries. After so much time away, they are excited to give hugs, share meals and talk about the things you can’t always include in a prayer letter.
One OMF family in particular, the McIntyres, gave us a glimpse into what home assignment looks like for them. They are back from three years in Taiwan (their second term). If you’re curious about what their time IN East Asia looks like, see the bottom of this post for a video they created about what it’s like to share Christ with Taiwan’s working class.
Names: Thomas, Jennifer, Ashlee (age 6) and Tyler (age 4)
1. What does home assignment look like for you?
We have about 14 supporting churches throughout the U.S., so we must travel a lot to visit them. We also have 200 or so individual supporters, so we try to connect with as many as possible. Our kids are in school, so we mostly travel on the weekends or school breaks. We do a lot of speaking, some preaching and teaching, sharing about ministry, showing our ministry video (see link below), networking etc. We’re always trying to mobilize while we fundraise. There is some down time to rest, read and spend time with family.
2. What is great about home assignment, and what’s challenging?
Travel is fun but challenging with kids. Thankfully our kids have helpful grandparents who want to spend time with them. We miss the work in Taiwan, but at the same time it is nice to do something different for a season.
3. How can people best serve or help you while you’re on home assignment? 
Pray, ask about our life and ministry.

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