Esther’s Brave Decision

“Is there really such a God like that? It sounds too good to be true!” This young village woman, who came to babysit our youngest child while we homeschooled our eldest two, was the first Zhuang [...]

What Do We Do About So Many Who Haven’t Heard?

Rose approached a friend in disbelief to confirm what she had heard at a missions conference. “Is it really true that half of the barangays in this country don’t have an evangelical church?” she [...]

Serve Asia Opportunity: Bridging the Gap for Unreached People in Vietnam

Vietnamese people grow up with a mixture of traditional ancestor worship and folk Buddhism, in addition to the more recent communist atheistic teaching. Within their understanding, Ong Troi, or [...]

Twenty Years in the Making

By Kevin Olson For many years, the gospel made little impact among the Brao people of Northeast Cambodia. In recent years, though, that is changing as seeds planted long ago are now bearing [...]

Laos: Blessed Are the Persecuted

Despite the ban imposed on them by authorities in August, local believers from a province in central Laos continued to meet for worship and read their Bibles. As a result, Lao Christians in [...]

Feeble Efforts before a Faithful God

Article featured in 2014 East Asia Insight Q2 A story of lives transformed in Myanmar. After a “honeymoon” period in Myanmar, her new ministry home, Trisha found her rose-colored glasses fogging [...]

God at Work among the Shan

Article featured in 2013 East Asia Insight Q4 Sai, a Shan man, took aim with his sling shot and fired. The bird in the jungle branches above him fell to the ground. Immediately he felt a pang of [...]

Glimpses of Indigenous Biblical Church Movements (IBCMs) in East Asia

Article featured in 2013 East Asia Insight Q3 Indigenous, biblical church movements (IBCMs) are foundational to OMF International’s vision. We have read about them and prayed for them, but are [...]

Hope for the Sunny

Article featured in 2013 East Asia Insight Q2 by Megan Sarian “I have been waiting for you to come!” Tongsin said. “There are many families coming to me for help … How should I lead them? What [...]

Faith, Fabric and Forgiveness

Article featured in 2012 East Asia Insight Q3 Engaged hands lead to open hearts among Muslim women of Serenity It started in a private moment, in the car: one of Rasha’s first opportunities to [...]

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