Familiar Job … New Environment: Megan in Cambodia Pt. 1

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Hi! My name is Megan Sarian and I serve as Content Manager on the OMF (U.S.) Communications team. As a writer, I’m passionate about capturing stories that deepen people’s understanding of God’s work in East Asia. After years of developing this content from my office in Littleton, Colorado, I have the opportunity to go to Cambodia to see and hear stories firsthand. I’ll be chronicling my journey in this blog post series. Thanks for joining me!
If 27 hours of travel weren’t enough to indicate that I had landed on the other side of the world, the tuk  tuk ride home from the airport was.
My traveling companions and I jumped into a motorized cart with opposing benches that might comfortably fit several people, but into which we shoved four passengers and multiple bags of luggage as we made our way to the OMF headquarters in Phnom Penh. At 11 p.m., I couldn’t see much, but the muggy air, Khmer signage and roar of the tuk tuk motor gave me a lot to process.
I felt excited, curious, and a bit apprehensive.
I had come to Cambodia to collect stories of the work God is doing here, peering through the lenses of both OMF workers and the local community to do so.
With my first days in Cambodia behind me, I can say I’m thrilled to be doing the communications work I love from the field. At the same time, I’m still curious about what the remainder of this experience will look like. How will I fare doing a familiar job in a completely new and at times disorienting environment?
Stay tuned for Part 2 of this series where Megan will talk about her first missions trip with OMF and the questions it raised for her about future short-term missions experiences.

Megan Sarian

Megan has been working in communications for almost 10 years.  Currently serving as Content Manager for OMF (U.S.) she enjoys writing, editing and over-thinking everything word-related.  When not in the office, Megan spends her spare time cycling, thrift shopping, exploring her city and drinking coffee with (or without) friends.

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