Meet Our Missionaries – Ben & Kelly LaPiana

We chat with OMF Taiwan missionaries Ben and Kelly LaPiana about life and ministry in Taiwan, and here in the U.S. The full conversation is available on A Heart for East Asia podcast linked above. Below are edited extracts from that conversation.

The decision to serve overseas:

The LaPiana family(Kelly) We met at Appalachian State University. We both knew before we met each other that we felt called to international missions. We started praying about it right away. If God had plans for us to get married, and then later to do missions together, that was always on our mind. The prayer was, “Lord, when and where?” We heard about Taiwan through a friend at our church, and that was kind of what sparked our interest in Taiwan specifically.

How they were received by the Taiwanese:

(Kelly) In general, the Taiwanese are very gracious to foreigners when it comes to language and cultural differences. They have a lot of patience with us. They understand we’ve gone through big transitions and everything to get there. The response was very kind and very loving towards us.

Response to the gospel among the college students they work with:

(Ben) We have a lot of students showing interest in hearing about the gospel. In general, what we’ve witnessed is that they are a very open culture to hearing about the gospel, to hearing about Christianity, and to learning more about it. The biggest concern we have is getting them to understand there’s one true God. It’s not that you’re adding Jesus to all the other gods that you’re worshipping. But even if they feel at that moment in their lives that they don’t believe that there is only one God, we’re going to welcome whoever will come.

How they see God working in their ministry:

(Ben) Recently we have seen a lot of students who have shown, even though they have a lot going on in their lives, they have put a priority on coming out to our Sunday gatherings to hear the messages, to spend time with us, and share their lives with us. Seeing that willingness and openness from students from different countries has been a huge blessing because they have a desire to hear more. And I see that they are open. So that gives me a lot a lot of hope that God is working in their lives and hopefully using us to touch these students’ lives.

To learn more about Ben and Kelly’s ministry in Taiwan, visit their Partner Hub page.

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