“For God has not destined us for wrath, but to obtain salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ, who died for us so that whether we are awake or asleep we might live with him.” (1 Thess. 5:9-10)


SUNDAYS • Trends among the Bouyei people: Identity

What does it mean to be Bouyei? This May, believers from around the world are again praying for the Bouyei people, an unreached minority group in China and Vietnam. With the growth of nationalism and mandated Mandarin education in China, Bouyei identity is slowly evolving, creating both challenges and opportunities for the gospel. Among the now 3.65 million Bouyei people, one person dies every 27 minutes without ever having the chance to hear the Good News.

MONDAYS • People on the move

Every Chinese New Year, Bouyei people participate in the largest human migration on earth as they return to their home villages from factory jobs hundreds of miles away. The nation has invested heavily in infrastructure in Bouyei areas, greatly reducing travel times. Pray for inroads to the gospel along these new highways and railways and that as Bouyei people increasingly mix with outsiders, they will meet near-culture Christians.

TUESDAYS • Living in a connected world

Bouyei people are much more connected to the outside world than they used to be, especially through avenues like social media. Official regulation of online religious content has been increasing. Pray that technology and social media could be platforms for more Bouyei people to be exposed to gospel resources.

WEDNESDAYS • Religion in decline?

The increasing amount of formal education and exposure to outside ideas have led to a gradual decline in animistic beliefs among some younger Bouyei people. However, many groups have come in to exploit the spiritual gap left behind. Pray, instead, that Bouyei people would experience a living faith in Christ that replaces their animistic traditions.

THURSDAYS • Rags to riches

This generation of Bouyei people has opportunities for accumulating wealth that previous generations of subsistence farmers could never have dreamed of. However, some of that potential is lost through gambling, accumulation of debt, and the rising cost of living. Pray that Bouyei people would seek true spiritual riches over the emptiness of material comforts.

FRIDAYS • Families in crisis

The migration to factory work leads to many divided Bouyei families. Parents are away working while children are back home with grandparents. Sometimes husbands and wives live in different places as well. Mandatory education also places fairly young children in boarding schools where risks abound. Pray that God would heal and work through the challenges of fragmented families.

SATURDAYS • God’s kingdom coming

As a whole, Bouyei people are as in need of hearing the gospel as ever. But the good news is that there are more Christians among them and more people reaching out to them today than ever before. While a rapid and widespread movement has yet to develop, we see God’s kingdom coming and are privileged to “pray it forward” for the transformation of the Bouyei people.

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