“For God has not destined us for wrath, but to obtain salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ, who died for us so that whether we are awake or asleep we might live with him,” (1 Thess. 5:9-10).

May 2021: The Bouyei

SUNDAYS • God’s heart for the Bouyei people

For the past eight years during the month of May, believers from around the world have united in prayer for the Bouyei people, a minority group in China and Vietnam. Pray that we would understand the depth of God’s heart for this people and that his love would be made known.

MONDAYS • Bouyei in nearby villages

Bouyei people are spread throughout villages in Guizhou province, and many also live near Chinese cities, working as migrant factory workers. Pray that Chinese churches would go into new Bouyei areas and seek people of peace that God has prepared to respond to the gospel and that God would also open the door for others to hear. Furthermore, pray that Bouyei believers would be looking to share the good news in nearby villages.

TUESDAYS • The power of oral storytelling

Pray for Chinese and Bouyei people to use oral storytelling to share with those who have never heard. Pray for new believers to use their personal testimonies to share boldly and openly about what God has done in their lives. Pray for good soil so that softened hearts will respond to the good news.

WEDNESDAYS • Cross-cultural humility

Praise God that there are still Bouyei people coming to faith! Pray that local believers would disciple these new believers using methods that are relevant to the Bouyei and can be used to teach and train others. Pray that Chinese churches reaching out to the Bouyei people would have humble and kind hearts as they engage cross-culturally.

THURSDAYS • A strong identity in Christ

Pray for Bouyei believers who gather together around God’s word to have a strong identity as a church, part of the body of Christ. Pray for these groups to grasp a vision to reproduce themselves into new generations of churches. Pray that they would exercise brotherly love for the members of the body and share accountability to obey Christ.

FRIDAYS • Praying for godly and effective Bouyei leaders

Pray for godly Bouyei leaders to effectively model, assist, watch, and lead in order to build up the next generation of Christian leaders. Pray for leaders who struggle with loneliness and isolation; also pray for those who face financial difficulties because of the time they devote to expanding God’s kingdom.

SATURDAYS • A gospel transformation

Pray that God would give the various churches and individuals a clear vision of churches planting churches, leaders raising up leaders, believers sharing their faith widely and effectively, and a gospel transformation of Bouyei society.

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