Rejoice always, pray continually. -1 Thessalonians 5:16
1. NEW LEADERSHIP. Lord God, rejoicing in your sovereign direction, we welcome James and Lisa Dougherty today as the next OMF (U.S.) National Directors. Empower them daily with your grace, wisdom, energy and enthusiasm. May scores of new workers respond to the needs and opportunities for ministry among East Asians.
2. SINGAPORE. Lord, many new workers sent from Singapore’s churches are seeking your will for their next direction while they serve in various fields or on home assignment. Please reveal yourself to them as they seek your guidance.
3. EAST ASIA’S MUSLIMS. Lord, it’s no surprise that tensions can arise between different people groups. We pray for reconciliation, harmony and understanding among the majority and minority peoples living within close proximity of each other. May believers seek opportunities to model Christ’s love for all.
4. MALAYSIA. Lord, we pray for the leaders of Malaysia, that you raise and empower men and women of integrity, wisdom and competency with a heart to lead the nation forward.
5. THAILAND. Thank you, Lord, for the Serve Asia team’s fruitful ministry trip last month. We pray for the local missionaries now engaged in follow-up. We ask for strong discipleship with each new believer making a commitment at the Franklin Graham “Festival of Love” in Bangkok. We praise you for the many churches involved in outreach.
6. STAFF NEEDS. Lord, we continue to ask for your provision in calling gifted people to serve the Thai field in roles of administration and guest home managers—both short-term and long-term. Provide wisdom in assessing these shortages.
7. CHINA. Following annual conferences, Lord, enable workers to return refreshed and renewed. Give them peace and strength for each day as they live in an increasingly uncertain environment. May they make the most of the opportunities that they have both to share Good News and to train up local leaders.
8. CHINA. Lord, we lift up our brothers and sisters, asking that your Spirit would strengthen them in the face of opposition. Give them assurance that you are in control, that you are with them, that you will give them the words to say at the right time, that you will not be defeated and that you are working out your purposes.
9. MEKONG MINORITIES. Lord, we pray for the believers among the So people group to stand firm and win the hearts of others by their courage and gentleness.
10. REMOTE REGIONS. God, even where the church is small and struggling, we pray that these few believers would be revived and impassioned to see the gospel spread among non-believers.
11. PRAYER SUPPORT. Lord, we pray for long-term workers requesting intercession for wide varieties of needs. We ask for continued mental and spiritual health, intentional times of rest and for growth for families facing challenges.
12. VIETNAM. Lord, we ask for gospel impact as Vietnam continues its rapid development as one of Southeast Asia’s fastest-growing economies. We thank you that Vietnamese people have ever-increasing opportunities to interact with new ideas, including the good news of Jesus.
13. VIETNAM. Thank you, Lord, for new opportunities to share the good news with minority people groups as access to these hard to reach mountainous areas opens up. Many from these people groups travel to cities to work on building sites, and tourists now freely come and go from their villages. May these people groups have a chance to hear the gospel through these interactions.
14. PHILIPPINES. God, please lead the Mission Mobilization Team in the Philippines to more churches that can become significant partners in the work, both through supporting as well as in sending missionaries.
15. PHILIPPINES. Lord, a local Filipino pastor has mobilized the youth in his church to join him in visiting a local community of another faith. God, please protect them as they minister together as a team.
16. MYANMAR. Lord, please help those involved in culture, language and world-view training. We pray for wisdom, sensitivity and guidance as gifted instructors train new missionaries.
17. MYANMAR. Lord, we pray for wisdom for missionaries to reach out and help the people of Myanmar, who value family highly, but often struggle to know how to build loving, trusting relationships.
18. CAMBODIA. We praise you, Lord, for mission workers whom you have called to help serve the Cambodian Church. Lord, please continue to call new workers to Cambodia as the harvest is plentiful and the task remains unfinished.
19. CAMBODIA. Lord, we pray for Cambodian believers who put Christ first in the face of social and family pressures. Empower them, Lord, to be bold and effective witnesses.
20. DPRK (NORTH KOREA). Lord, we all fall short of your glory. Please give seeking people in the DPRK understanding of Christ as Savior. Extend your grace to them as they acknowledge their need for your salvation.
21. TAIWAN. Lord, we ask for revival in the urban middle class church, that they will reach out into rural areas and the working class communities around them. Use them, Lord, to spread the gospel throughout Taiwan.
22. EAST ASIAN DIASPORA. Lord, many East Asians are moving across borders today. They travel for a wide variety of reasons- for education, business, tourism, or are even victims of human trafficking. We pray that they will have the opportunity to hear the gospel and believe.
23. JAPAN. Lord, Japan is a country that is rich materially, but needy in terms of a spiritual breakthrough. Please create a hunger and thirst in the hearts of Japanese people for the things of you, that many would start to seek after your truth.
24. JAPAN. Lord, you are bringing increasing numbers of foreigners to work in Japan, especially from other Asian countries. May those who already know you find a church to go to, and be effective in reaching out to their colleagues and friends.
25. MEDICAL ADVISORS. Lord, we ask you to raise up doctors in the U.S. who would volunteer a few hours each month advising new workers, evaluating health assessments, and related issues. Call forth doctors within the U.S. willing to step up and meet this critical need.
26. BRIDGE ASIA VOLUNTEERS. Lord, we thank you for our volunteer “Servant Drivers,” who faithfully provide transportation for missionaries and staff flying in and out of the Denver airport. Please give them safety, Lord, and cause that time spent with the missionaries to be a blessing to all involved. We pray that you would lead more drivers to OMF so that we would be able to provide this service as needed.
27. CHURCH MISSIONS CONSULTING TEAM. Lord, we ask you to connect this team with US churches who are ready to engage unreached people groups. Please give safety in travels to the team members, meetings with many churches, and wisdom to help churches take their next steps in missions.
28. MOBILIZING FOR PRAYER. Lord God, we ask you to raise up virtual prayer group leaders who would lead teams in the U.S. to pray for unreached people groups throughout East Asia. May intercessors utilize technology and social media, advancing your kingdom where most needed.
29. MORE WORKERS. Lord, thank you for calling more workers from across the U.S. eager to reach 100 percent support in time for the May or July Orientation Courses in Singapore. As they share their vision with friends, may many more donors want to “send them out.”
30. THE SHAN. Lord, raise up Christians from Myanmar, Thailand, China and Laos to go and work among the Shan. May Lisu, Lahu, Wa and Kachin Christians who reside in Shan areas live out their faith and share the gospel among their Shan neighbors. Continue to raise up more expat workers to humbly learn the language and serve the Shan.
31. UNENGAGED PEOPLES. Lord, we pray for 58 unengaged people groups in Laos and we praise you that you have not overlooked them. We pray for the initiative that has been started and long to see these peoples hear of Christ within the next five years.
To download the pdf version of our Prayer Powerlines newsletter CLICK HERE.

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