“Look to the LORD and his strength; seek his face always,” (1 Chronicles 16:11).

June 2021

SUNDAYS • God’s heart for the Tai Yuan people

Join believers who are uniting in prayer on behalf of the Tai Yuan, a minority group spread across four Southeast Asian nations. Pray that God’s people would understand the depth of his heart for this group and join him in seeing opportunities for making his love known to them.

MONDAYS • Tai Yuan believers growing in faith

Pray that Tai Yuan believers would be encouraged in their walk with Christ and would grow in steadfastness and faith. Also, pray that believers would develop a close relationship with the Lord and that the joy of the Lord may indeed be their strength.

TUESDAYS • Sharing the gospel with extended family

Pray for local believers to persevere in their witness among relatives. Pray for local believers to have wisdom to know how to honor their parents in the context of different beliefs. Pray that God’s goodness and power would be understood more fully by believers and also their family and friends.

WEDNESDAYS • Transforming lives and communities

Pray for righteousness to pervade all levels of Tai Yuan society, especially in industry. Pray for creative solutions for those who struggle day to day in poverty. Pray for the hope and transformation available in Jesus to reach people in all levels of society. Pray for believers to live out the truth and love of Jesus vibrantly.

THURSDAYS • Building relationships and understanding

Among the Tai Yuan, the gospel is not only preached in words, but lived out as an expression of the power of Christ. Intentional relationship building, radical hospitality and living incarnationally among the Tai Yuan go a long way in drawing them a step closer to recognizing that Christ is the Lord of all. Pray for eyes to be opened to see that Jesus is Lord of all.

FRIDAYS • Opening eyes and hearts

Many of the Tai Yuan enjoy their lives. Yet there seems to be a wall keeping the Tai Yuan from coming to Christ. There are likely many factors: cultural, societal, and yes, spiritual. The barriers are very real, and only through prayer will we see God begin to take those walls down. Ask God to open the eyes and hearts of the Tai Yuan people just as the eyes of Paul were opened to see Christ.

 SATURDAYS • Pray for more workers

Praise God for over a dozen applicants participating in the U.S. Candidate Course in June. These applicants need much wisdom discerning God’s call on their lives. Pray for the Candidate staff as they guide applicants through the training, answering dozens of questions, and making decisions regarding approval and acceptance as new appointees.

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