“Rejoice always, pray continually,” (1 Thessalonians 5:16-17).

July 2021

SUNDAYS • Rest and refreshment
Many OMF workers in East Asia are stretched as they carry responsibilities in addition to their primary ministry focus, particularly at this time when borders are closed and travel is restricted. Pray that they would take time for necessary rest and refreshment. Pray for renewed strength and spiritual vitality in Christ.

MONDAYS • Christian literature
In many areas of East Asia there is a significant need for quality Christian books. Pray that God would raise up more local Christian authors to write books that deal with the questions their fellow believers are asking. Pray that readers would grow in love for the Lord as they read and that they would be strengthened in their faith.

TUESDAYS • Partnering with Latins in ministry
The OMF team in Latin America released a Spanish prayer guide for East Asia and a guide on how to start a prayer group. Please pray that these guides will encourage prayer for East Asia’s peoples and lead to prayer movements for East Asia among Spanish speakers.

WEDNESDAYS • Youth sports
A family living in a Southeast Asian country desires to be a blessing to the Muslim population around them. An effective sports project has evolved in partnership with area neighborhoods. Hosting sports competitions and team development provides opportunities for both youth and adults to form close relationships and strong character. Pray that God will use this family to be a true blessing to those around them.

THURSDAYS • Tokyo outreach ministry
Pray for outreach opportunities centered on the Olympic Games this summer (assuming they take place) in the midst of ongoing uncertainty and health restrictions. Pray for the Lord to bless those who might have access to Olympic events and personnel with insight, discretion, faith, and unity. Pray that churches and OMF workers would show wisdom in knowing how to adjust their evangelistic efforts as required by constantly shifting circumstances.

FRIDAYS • Opening eyes and hearts
Pray that the Holy Spirit would open the minds of Buddhists, Animists and agnostics throughout needy areas of East Asian cities. Pray that the Holy Spirit would prompt them to recognize their sin and realize that salvation is only through Jesus Christ.

SATURDAYS • Pray for more workers
Praise God for about 30 new workers from around the world who plan to participate in the next virtual Orientation Course this month. Pray that these new workers and families would gain much wisdom as they learn their new roles. Also, pray for their supporting churches and friends as they intercede for the workers during this important training.

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