“The LORD is good to those whose hope is in him, to the one who seeks him.” (Lam.3:25)

January 2022

Pray for a displaced people group

A displaced East Asian people face various challenges, yet God’s love and power is working among them. We invite you to join us as we bless them through prayer. We ask God to work in the areas of health, livelihood, family dynamics, and spiritual growth in ways that happen through the Gospel. Pray for God to work miracles among these dear people.

SUNDAYS • Praying for children

“Shaju” speaks fondly of her homeland and her childhood growing up on a farm, surrounded by siblings and nature. Now she is raising her own children in the confines of a small apartment in another country. At times she seems wistful for the space and freedom she enjoyed as a child. Active play is so important for children’s development. Pray that God would provide for Shaju’s children and others around the world in similar situations. Ask God to open doors that can nurture growth and development.

MONDAYS • Showing the love of Christ

Pray that churches worldwide will provide for these people of the Asian diaspora and that these churches will be inspired and motivated to initiate ministries that reach out to the people in a holistic way. Fear, prejudice, and inconvenience can often prevent others from seeing the love of Christ. Pray that the Holy Spirit will move churches worldwide to overcome these obstacles and that people in these churches will display Jesus by loving and reaching out to entire households.

TUESDAYS • Seeking financial provision

“Ishail” has struggled to get back to work since the global pandemic. Some refugees have been blamed for the spread of the virus, meaning many employers have stopped offering jobs to them. Others have requested staff to pay for their own Covid test, which can be up to a week’s salary upfront. Pray for supernatural provision for Ishail and many of his people who are out of work. Pray also that employers would be just and merciful.

WEDNESDAYS • Learning to read

What a gift it is to be able to read, write and have a language with an agreed-on script. For many of these people, this is not a reality. It brings so much encouragement, dignity, and hope for people to learn to read and write their own language. Pray for various literacy initiatives being developed and offered to people in refugee communities scattered all over the globe. Pray that their reading of the Word would increase their desire to know its Author.

THURSDAYS • Believers working together

In one area, several national believers and other Christian workers are developing ministry opportunities. Each group knows about these refugees who have either come to faith or are close to coming to faith. Often these refugees do not know about each other. Each believer feels like he or she is the only one and each believer is scared to tell other people about their faith. Pray that believers and seekers will become aware of each other and discover that they are not completely alone. Pray for vibrant communities to thrive.

FRIDAYS • The power of Scripture

Praise God for scripture translation work that is underway. An important step in the translation process is community checking to ensure that the text is understood correctly. Pray for people to provide both accuracy and readability to provide understanding in this critical stage. Pray that native speakers will use what has been made available to grow in their appreciation of God’s love.

SATURDAYS • Transforming grace

“Lord, we trust in your transforming power in each and every circumstance. We ask for a growing sympathy for these dear people where there used to be indifference, prejudice and even hatred toward them. Open the eyes of political and religious leaders, changing their hearts for the common good. May leaders view displaced people as fellow human beings made by you. May these leaders serve as role models by demonstrating attitudes toward the oppressed that reflect your love.”

Click here to download the January 2022 Prayer Powerlines 

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